Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's off to the RE we go


I was hoping to avoid this but it seems we are set on a path of fertility meds and doctor's appointments over the course of at least the next few months if not much longer.

I spoke with my Ob/Gyn today and it seems all my levels are normal. It still doesn't explain my lines on the OPKs though (not positive just there). I told her about that she said to keep testing I just might ovulate late (uh huh) but that if dear old Auntie Flo doesn't visit by April 12 that I should stop by the office for a lab slip for yet another hCG, prescription for provera and some clomid. She said she didn't think that femera was a good idea and hasn't had much luck with it. So, okay- here we go.

As for the RE- my appointment is April 9th at 9am at a Fertility clinic right around the corner from our apartment (funny, right? I can walk there). I am nervous and anxious about it but also really happy that I am going. I love my Ob/Gyn but I know there is only so much she can do, especially with the sperm issues we have also.

I told Ray to make sure that he gets his results from the Uro tomorrow so he can bring them with him on April 9. I told him that he also has to be there since it's an US issue and not just a ME issue. He said not a problem. So once again it's wait wait wait until the appointment and see what the RE suggests.

I'll let everyone know what Ray's tests say as soon as we have the results.


Ann M. said...

I know this isn't really the route you want to go, but hopefully, there will be some answers now. I'm glad that Ray will be with you.

Keep us updated (you always do, but I just wanted to say it anyway)

The Swann's said...

You don't know me... I too have PCOS and am rooting for you to get your BFP like nothing else!!!

BTW, depending on how sensitive your OPKs are, you'll always see a line even with normal ratio LH...

Good luck to you and dh!