Friday, October 17, 2008

yeah yeah yeah

I know I think I forgot about you folks. I didn't.

Life has been hectic and crazy. I have no time for anything any more.

Yesterday was the feast day of St Gerard. Did you know that? That's just something completely random that I know.

Anyway, the baby is doing well. I am heading into trimester 3 and it's all becoming so real.

Thanks Trish for the Bradley information. I have so much to do I hadn't given it much thought since I wrote my last post. I have to look into that and some other things.

Other than the usual stress of getting ready for baby things are okay. I have a terrible toothache that I have to wait two weeks to get fixed because my dentist is a busy busy guy. In the mean time I suffer but today has been the best of it. Just a little bit of pain and I am hoping to not need tylenol but I don't know how lucky I will be with that.

Everything is going well. My birthday is coming up and Ray, baby and I will be in Boston. Not that baby will enjoy it much still being inside me but...we'll talk to baby and see :).

So that's the update. Next appointment isn't until November 5-then I only have 12 weeks after that. *sigh* who knew it would go so quickly?