Monday, July 18, 2011

I know finally...

First, a not so wonderful update but at the same time not world ending. I did not get the job. Which actually truly shocked me. They apparently went with someone internal which I knew would end up being the case eventually. I did however, get a personal phone call to tell me that the hiring managers were extremely impressed by me and that they wanted to make sure the recruiter kept my name and resume close by for any other compliance related opportunities in their area. I guess that's supposed to make me feel better. The recruiter is supposed to call me today to talk about some next steps. We'll see what happens.

Also, we've seen the RE and the OB already since my last post. Both have seen a heartbeat on our newest little babe. Great news, after some awful news last week. I was happy that we were able to attend the RE appointment because it gave me the chance to place the u/s picture in my grandmother's casket. Anyway, based on my LMP I am 7w4d today. I still think they have it wrong, I happen to know I am 7w2d today but, hey 2 days less is fine by me.

The baby is measuring perfectly, so as of now nothing to worry about except the fact that I've lost about 5lbs since the start of this pregnancy because I can hardly eat anything, and when I do I just feel sick after. So, I've been very cautious about what I am eating. Ray keeps suggesting that I take more B6 and B12 for energy and I am thinking I might give it a try, it can't hurt right? I would just like to feel good for at least part of the day.

I literally took a 2.5h nap yesterday. Poor Ray had to contend with a cranky and overtired Clara. After her nap though we went to in the in-laws for my FIL's birthday. There were lots of other family around so me tanking out on the couch, not eating anything would have been met with pretty skeptic eyes. Good thing I managed to hold it together until we got into the car. Then both Clara and I passed out. I woke up when we stopped but Clara stayed asleep (at 7pm!!!) and stayed that way until 7:15am!! I woke up later than usual (since we had the Ob appointment this morning) and I was shocked at how long she slept. Naturally though, after spending almost two straight weeks with Mommy and Daddy she didn't want to go back to daycare. She just kept saying "I don't wanna play with friends"- poor thing.

That's really all that's going on here. Next appointment in 4 weeks and possibly the NT scan if I can swing it with the insurance company (such a PITA).

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I am not even sure where to start this one. My grandmother is dying. I mean she's been very sick over the past several months but my dad and my uncle took her off life support this morning. It's really only a matter of time. The woman has been suffering so in a lot of ways this is probably a good thing. I know she was struggling to remain upbeat after the last hospitalization.

I wish I had gotten the chance to tell her about the new baby. We were waiting to see her in person because I wanted to cheer her up. Now I am not sure she ever got to know (because I made my dad promise not to tell her). I kind of hope he ended up telling her anyway.

Since the funeral will likely be Monday (she didn't want to be waked and apparently my uncle and father are abiding by her wishes but, I think they should do it anyway) I have to cancel and reschedule our u/s appointment with the RE. We'll be in NY for a couple of days after just to be with my family.

So now instead of celebrating the joy of new life, we'll be mourning my grandmother instead. I know everyone will say circle of life and all that but- still it's sad.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

How did I not remember

The nausea? The exhaustion? Gah, I can't do anything around here.

I had my final interview on Friday. I think it went rather well. I had to give them my real application and I needed to send it via USPS but, ha, wouldn't you know it those bastards were closed yesterday (must be nice). I had to fedex it (and not cheaply either). I did manage to get my thank you notes out yesterday afternoon though (apparently they were still delivering mail just there were no retail locations open). Hopefully this will all work out how it's supposed to.

On another job related note Ray has an interview coming up this Friday. They haven't yet sent him the schedule but told him to leave the afternoon after 1pm open. So we are leaving Hershey a little earlier than I intended. We had to go get him a new suit (do you people know how insanely expensive a decent men's suit is? close to 600 bucks and that only included one shirt and one tie). I told Ray that this investment better be worth my while (in other words if he doesn't get this job his ass better be pounding pavement to do other interviews that justify the fact that we just shelled out close to $600 on a singular piece of clothing).

See, here's my rant. I don't really buy clothing because I really hate to shop. But when I do, I purchase a few things here or there, so my budget for a year is probably around $600 (in actuality it's probably a hell of a lot less than that, I mean how many black pants and skirts does a girl really need, after all?) Ray doesn't buy clothing (I usually get him three shirts and two or three new pairs of khaki pants for Christmas) so his budget is less than $200 a year. So spending $600 on a single suit, shirt and tie really stings for me. But I guess it's worth it if it makes a good impression. It's a really snazzy looking suit, for sure.

Not much else going on here. Just getting ready for vacation by trying to stay awake long enough to clean the house and get some crap done. Thinking about taking Clara to the pool this afternoon (if she naps and is good). I am excited about our trip to Dutch Wonderland I just hope I have the energy to do all the thing I want to do with her.

I'll post after our u/s on the 11th. Lots of good thoughts please.