Friday, May 30, 2008

13DPO- and waiting

So after receiving the shock that I ovulated spontaneously the nurse told me to come in on 6/7DPO to have a progestrone test. The RE had told me that I needed a level above 15 in order to avoid vaginal suppositories. My level was 15.9. They are making me take them but for what?

I am not pregnant.

Not that i know for sure since I haven't tested but I am 99.99999999999% sure I am not. AF cramps have been here for the last two days a sure sign she's on her way. I can't even be disappointed about this because I knew our timing sucked especially with Ray's issues.

We agreed to do one more natural cycle (mainly because Ray wants to) and then start IUI. I have faith that the IUIs will work because I really believe that it's mostly Ray's issue at this point. We know I can be stimulated on 50mg of clomid, I am sure the 100mg will be even better. Now if only my insurance company were such jerks about everyhing.

That is a post for another time.

Anyway, so here I wait. It may be that AF is delayed due to the progesterone but she will be here and then it's another call to the RE's office to start the next cycle of pills, monitoring and shots. So fun! :/

Monday, May 19, 2008

Spontaneous Ovulation

So to let everyone know what happened at my appointment. I was supposed to go in for a PCT, u/s and a trigger shot on Sunday at 10:30am. The nurse on Friday told us to have sex in the early morning or late Saturday night. Ray and I went to see Prince Caspian on Saturday and got back later than I thought and just fell right asleep, after spending the previous few days on the house we were both beat. So we decided to have sex on Sunday morning about 2/ 2.5 hours before the appointment. I figured that was okay.

At the appointment, the RE does the PCT and then goes to do the u/s and tells me "well it looks like you ovulated yesterday (Saturday) so no need for the trigger" I was like "oh no" and she said that she thought that the timing was good but I think because she thought we had sex on Friday night, not on Saturday morning. We also had sex on Thursday night so we are sorta covered, I guess. The timing is not wonderful but it's not terrible either. Needless to say I wish we had gotten in another time between Thursday and Sunday early morning. I am just stunned though how did my follie go from 17mm to 22mm in 2 days?I just knew this was going to happen.

Normally I would be thrilled about it but considering that we didn't have sex on Saturday night I think we missed our timing again . I am supposed to go for a progesterone test on Friday. She said the level needs to be 15 or least I don't have to keep taking HPTs to see if the trigger is out right??I have to say though overall I am disappointed. The whole point of the monitored cycle was so that we didn't mess up the timing and we did it anyway because my body wants to do what it wants, like before only now it's doing the right thing just at the wrong time. FIGURES! So I guess I am in the 2ww although I am expecting nothing but a visit from deary AF at the end of it.

We'll see what the progesterone levels yield. I'll make my decision to take an HPT on that.

Friday, May 16, 2008

*Does A Happy Dance*

So apparently I am just a slow responder for the clomid. My follicle check went much better today. That little immature 10mm follicle grew to a nice 17mm one! I have one more u/s on Sunday (along with a PCT) and we'll also trigger!

I am excited and nervous. I hope it works, I really do. I know we have some sperm issues so that concerns me but, I have a lot of hope and faith right now. I am feeling positive. I will remain that way until AF shows up but I am not thinking she will.

This will probably be the hardest 2WW of my life. Because I know we are going to time everything really really well and that's a good thing. Because all the other times I had no idea what was going on. Now I have proof and control of what's going on. It's a little scary. But you know what would be totally awesome? Getting pregnant and having the house all done.

Life is getting pretty exciting!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So tell me again why I was hopeful?

The second follicle check did not go well. The one and only follicle that had good size to it stopped growing. RE said we'll do another U/S on Friday but that after that we won't. I'll get to go another two weeks unmonitored and if I don't start my period by then it's on to yet another round of provera. I think I still have my other prescription some place.

Words cannot describe the immense disappointment I feel. Ray was in the room with me this time. I don't think he knew what was going on because he didn't say anything to me after. He was ticked because I lost his keys-nice reaction. Here I am miserable and all he can do is be pissy about his keys, which are in the house we just didn't have time to look for them.

The RE said that it's possible the 50mg dose of clomid is too low and that I need a higher dose. That's fine the clomid 'script is a lot less expensive than the ovidrel. So if this cycle doesn't work out for triggering at least I won't have to get another ovidrel shot.

I am reading a lot about PCOS and clomid though and what a lot of REs do is supplement the clomid with an injectable every other day in order to stimulate the ovaries. I'd hate to tell an RE how to do her job but I am wondering if she is ignoring my PCOS and just treating me as if I have unexplained infertility. I don't know. I am just so miserable today...

I guess I'll keep my hope up by hoping that they will grow more in the next three days! *sigh*

Monday, May 12, 2008

Check, Check 1 2 3

So I had the follie check on Saturday. It was okay. I expected to see my RE but I got another Dr from the practice- a guy. Never had a guy lookin' down there before. No biggy, just unexpected.

RE said that I have several potential follies (YIPPY)on the right side, and a couple on the left, the biggest being 10mm-small but growing. It needs to be at least 18-20mm before they'll let me get my shot. I am supposed to go again tomorrow morning to see if it's grown. I am hoping it will be a little overachiver and have grown to at least 16mm- I suspect I'll be lucky if it reach 14mm or that it's grown at all.

I have no idea of 10mm is good after three days being off clomid or if that's on the small side. I would think it's okay and that as long as it keeps growing I should trigger on Thursday or Friday which means I'll probably ovulate on CD19 which is much better than I was doing on my own. I do wish I had a few 12mm ones in there on Saturday but I'll take the 10mm and keep praying it grows up good and strong! Hey it could be our potential kid I am cultivating in there! :)

All in all my mood has been good, hopeful even. With everything else going on I'm amazed about how calm I am about this whole thing right now.

Yesterday we went to lunch with my mom, brother and his girlfriend. It was nice. We went back to my mom's apartment for a little bit and my brother's girlfriend was asking me how I knew that there were issues. I told her the whole story, then she asked how long we'd been trying and I told her about a year. I think she was kind of shocked to here that. I think my brother was too honestly. But most people don't go off and tell other people they are TTC (like what is it any of their business anyways) so the only time people know they are is when there are problems and it interrupts plans that you have. I suppose I could have been more secretive about the whole thing but the way I figure it is that if people keep thinking good thoughts about us and about us getting pg then maybe all that good thinking and praying and hoping will work more than if it were just me and Ray hoping, and thinking and praying. I don't know.

Anyway, good thoughts for a nice big follie tomorrow!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

CD3 Blood Work, Prescriptions and Shots

Oh now the fun REALLY begins.

I got my prescription for Clomid today as well as for Ovidrel. I called up our prescription benefits folks to find out how much for the Ovidrel and she said she didn't know, they had to run all kinds of information before they could give me a price. Okay fine. I asked if it was better if I took the 'script to the pharmacy and she said that it needs to be ordered over the phone. Good thing I called then.

I just hope I hear back from them today because I need it in 9 days to trigger. All my plans got messed up for next weekend because of when good old AF showed up. Couldn't she have been just ONE DAY earlier?? I am supposed to be in NY next weekend for my Grandmother's 80th birthday but now if my body cooperates (oh Lord please let it cooperate) we'll trigger on Saturday and do a post-coital test on Sunday. I don't see the need for the post-coital- I may have some CF issues but I don't think a post-coital will tell them anything. Perhaps I can talk with the Doc about skipping that so that we can actually go to NY on Saturday and see my grandmother and then spend Mother's day with my mom. If this cycle doesn't work out with me getting pregnant there is always next cycle for the post-coital.

My mom was really sweet though. She said "well if you come in on Saturday night where are you staying" and I said "yeah well that's the other reason we kinda didn't want to come up" and she said "oh, right because you'll want to be alone" and I said "that would be nice" and she said "well I can book you a nice hotel room near the airport, you and Ray can be alone all night on Saturday and on Sunday morning" and I was like "you are cute, but that works for us." I feel kinda weird that my whole family (and his too) know our sex habits now. They know when AF is in town- they know everything! I am so whatever about it though because I've been poked, proded and stuck so many times it's hard to keep a secret from people. Even from my mom, dad and sister who live far away. But it is odd, everyone knowing when Ray and I are having sex. LOL

So now we wait until Saturday so I can start the clomid. I can't say I am really looking forward to it as I heard the side effects are pretty nasty. I would like to find a way to increase my CF since I hear that's one of the big side effects of taking it. I'll talk to the girls on my IF forum.

We wait for the fun to begin. Pray I get some nice follies and that our insurance will cover (and be able to send on time) the Ovidrel shot!