Thursday, January 31, 2008

CD13- Here little eggie-where are you? I hope that me dealing with side effects is worth it. Hopefully no clomid will be necessary but...I'm at CD13 and uh, I don't think O is coming yet.

So I'll sit and wait.

Ray has his SA on monday. We finally got all the insurance crap straightened out so hopefully this should go off with out a hitch. I know he's a bit nervous about the whole thing, probably because it's his manhood on the line here. But I really think his SA will come back okay which means we can concentrate on fixing my issues. But if I have to be really honest with you I am a bit nervous too. I really do hope everything is fine.

The metformin side effects are getting better. No more real GI upset just a bit of gassy ouchieness if I don't eat enough before taking the medication. So now it's the boring part. The waiting to O part which, if you ask me, is just as difficult as the waiting to test part.

My next Doctor's appointment is in 19 days. Maybe, just maybe I'll have a BFP to show for it???

Say a prayer folks that I O and we catch the little eggie. :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Side Effects SUCK

Ok, so normally I don't complain about side effects because I figure I'll be fine and get over it but...

The side effects of the Metformin suck. It seems that every time I eat I end up not feeling so great. I've been more tired, just fuzzy-headed really ever since I started taking it. Not to mention it's panache for causing "GI upset" while at work. So...I've changed the schedule of taking them in the morning and evening to taking it in the afternoon and evening. I mean it's only 500mg 2x daily but's wreaking havoc on my insides.

Besides that the minocycline that I am on for my skin issues is also known to cause "GI upset" so I am two for three on the prescription meds for that. W00T! :/

In cycle news I am back to charting (you know just to see what the hell is going on, am I ovulating, am I not) so today is CD6 and so far so good. I am still bleeding but not bad (and as I type this I am sure to have to rush off to the bathroom because nothing is ever that simple for me). I hope (finger crossed) that I won't be bringing feminine products to Disney with us this weekend. It's bad enough I may be in the bathroom every 25 minutes with the GI distress from the medications.

With 38lbs lost and several more to go (like 40 or so) I am at least hoping the Metformin will help me lose a bit of weight. Obviously Ray and I are not waiting (haha) for me to get down to my WW goal weight before trying to get pregnant. If it happens this month (ha wouldn't that be funny?) that would be great, if not I'll keep working on the weight and my health with the doctor.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Doctor Visit

So, remember 6 months ago when I told you about the Ob/Gyn I saw? Remember how i said I was a bit miffed at how she dismissed me and mistreated me? Remember me saying I was going to see another Dr?

Yeah I did that. And you know what, I am so HAPPY I did. This doctor is AMAZING. She listened to me, she actually CARED about what I was saying and in the 30 minutes we chatted she didn't not once mention me being overweight. NOT ONCE!

In fact I mentioned it ans she said being overweight and my symptoms are are PCOS (poly-cystic ovaries) which is not good news but it's not terrible either. So...she looked at my blood work (she looked at it can you imagine) and my u/s and said "I am sure that the doctor you saw prior told you that all your bloodwork, symptoms and results show that you have poly-cystic ovaries is that correct" I said "no she just told me I was overweight and that all my symptoms could be cured by losing 40lbs, so I lost 30 and nothing has changed" she said "that doesn't surprise me that nothing has really changed since weight is probably not the cause but another symptom"

Holy Cow! Finally someone who said something that makes some freakin' sense to me. And while having PCOS isn't the best she told me that there are many treatments which can help and will help someone like me. Her first thing was to basically repeat all my bloodwork, including a fasting glucose test. She wrote me a 'script for Metformin which she said should help with insulin resistance and get me to ovulate on my own. If that doesn't help we'll move on the Metformin and Clomid and then eventually and HSG but for now start with the Metformin and see her in 4 weeks.

She also gave Ray a 'script for a semen analysis- when I gave him the paper he looked at me like "OMG" and I said "yeah I'll explain that" now we just have to find a lab that does that sorta thing.

But at least I have a diagnosis and some hope again. I am not walking around wondering what the heck is wrong with me. I happy to know that she is going to work with me and help me. I finally feel like we might be able to do this. It is going to take time, maybe a lot of time but I know it will happen for us. I have more hope now that I did 6 months ago.

And just to include this little tid bit, AF showed up today. Fingers crossed that once I start on the Metformin I'll ovulate on my own.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Just when you thought things couldn't get any stranger....

I think I ovulated? Yes a question mark because-well I stopped temping in September because I figured what the heck was the point...then out of nowhere I get ovulation spotting (I thought it was just regular attack of the spot because that's how it is with me) which only last two days and then went compeltely away.

Now I think, but I have no idea, that I am 8DPO and I started spotting again and I am getting crampy-which usually I would hate but I am so okay with this because maybe it means my cycles have returned to normal?? Maybe, just maybe we might have a chance of TTC without drugs and a million dr appointments.

Maybe I will have to admit that the idioit doctor was right about my weight and its affect on my fertility. Nah, I still think she's an idiot and I still think that she could have been waaaaay nicer about my weight issues than she was.

Either way, even though I am all crampy and spotty (not bad spotting but noticable) I am okay because if it's just a LP issue I can fix that with progesterone but if it's a whole cycle sorta deal then that would be major.

I can walk into my Dr's appointment on Friday and tell her everything that is happening and tell her what's changed and maybe get someone to really listen to me.

I am trying to be positive!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

16 Days and Counting

That's 16 days until my next Dr's appointment. I have filled out all the paperwork. I have created a file with all my health information. I have written down every issue and symptom and problem I've had since June and I made special mention of the nearly 32 lbs I've lost since my last Dr's appointment in August!

The questions is though, do I think any of this will help me? I've been doing some research on my "issues" and, while I do not take WebMD as the source of all knowledge (that's what wikipedia is for), I do sorta trust what it's telling me. And what it's telling me isn't so horrible but it isn't so great.

Let's see what are my symptoms:

Spotting between periods (check)
Bleeding after sex (check)
Long periods (check)
Heavy periods (check, check, check)

All signs point to *drum roll*

Endometrial Polyps-which if this were true wouldn't be a major issue. Removal of the polyps requires a HSG and three days of bedrest (funness) but they won't come back so...that's the good thing. Now if only that moronic Ob/Gyn had bothered to review my symtoms and not brush off my pelvic u/s I probably could have had this issue dealt with already.

After we fix that we can work on the fact that, no, I am still not ovulating but with all the drugs they make for that issue...perhaps I can seriously begin to dream of our family.

So...16 days and counting until I find out what the story is...hopefully we'll finally get some answers and we can "fix" me.