Thursday, January 31, 2008

CD13- Here little eggie-where are you? I hope that me dealing with side effects is worth it. Hopefully no clomid will be necessary but...I'm at CD13 and uh, I don't think O is coming yet.

So I'll sit and wait.

Ray has his SA on monday. We finally got all the insurance crap straightened out so hopefully this should go off with out a hitch. I know he's a bit nervous about the whole thing, probably because it's his manhood on the line here. But I really think his SA will come back okay which means we can concentrate on fixing my issues. But if I have to be really honest with you I am a bit nervous too. I really do hope everything is fine.

The metformin side effects are getting better. No more real GI upset just a bit of gassy ouchieness if I don't eat enough before taking the medication. So now it's the boring part. The waiting to O part which, if you ask me, is just as difficult as the waiting to test part.

My next Doctor's appointment is in 19 days. Maybe, just maybe I'll have a BFP to show for it???

Say a prayer folks that I O and we catch the little eggie. :)


Melissa said...

Good luck~

Ann M. said...

good luck with the O!

Sarah R said...

So, Ray's going into today to have his manhood tested? Crossing fingers!