Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's off to the RE we go


I was hoping to avoid this but it seems we are set on a path of fertility meds and doctor's appointments over the course of at least the next few months if not much longer.

I spoke with my Ob/Gyn today and it seems all my levels are normal. It still doesn't explain my lines on the OPKs though (not positive just there). I told her about that she said to keep testing I just might ovulate late (uh huh) but that if dear old Auntie Flo doesn't visit by April 12 that I should stop by the office for a lab slip for yet another hCG, prescription for provera and some clomid. She said she didn't think that femera was a good idea and hasn't had much luck with it. So, okay- here we go.

As for the RE- my appointment is April 9th at 9am at a Fertility clinic right around the corner from our apartment (funny, right? I can walk there). I am nervous and anxious about it but also really happy that I am going. I love my Ob/Gyn but I know there is only so much she can do, especially with the sperm issues we have also.

I told Ray to make sure that he gets his results from the Uro tomorrow so he can bring them with him on April 9. I told him that he also has to be there since it's an US issue and not just a ME issue. He said not a problem. So once again it's wait wait wait until the appointment and see what the RE suggests.

I'll let everyone know what Ray's tests say as soon as we have the results.

Monday, March 24, 2008

And the Results are In

HSG was a normal study

TSH is normal

I am immune to reubella (I am not sure why they test for this)

I have to wait to hear from the the Doc about my LH/FSH results. The nurse wasn't sure what they are supposed to be and didn't want to tell me if they are normal or not. I should have said are they a 1:1 ratio? That's normal if not, then no it's not normal. But apparently the Doctor will call me today. Yeah, I am not holding my breath for her phone call.

Still getting negative OPKs (shocking right???) Today is CD 16- if I ovulate this month it will be a surprise. I'll keep taking them though until I get to CD 35 and then I am calling the doc for more provera. In the meantime I've amassed a lot of pee sticks on my night table. They all look exactly the same, they aren't getting darker or lighter. I honestly think I don't even need to hear the results of my LH/FSH tests--clearly my LH is HIGH otherwise I wouldn't see anything on these tests. Bleh

The best I can hope for at this moment is to talk with the doctor about it. My guess is she wants to do clomid which, I think, is a mistake and a waste of time and money. I personally would rather go to something else like Femera which I hear works much better on PCOS folks than Clomid does. I am nervous about doing any kind of injectable treatment because it can cause ovarian hyperstimulation in PCOS patients, cause multiples (not that I care about that) but worse it can cause nasty cysts which are painful and require the pill to treat. Thanks, but I'll pass on all that.

As for Ray, his results are in already too but he's waiting to see the Doctor before getting them (on the 27th). I am really hoping that these results are much better than the last results we got. If not I think he'll be scheduled for an ultrasound to see if he has a severely twisted vein in his scrotum. I don't think so, it's probably all the mountain dew, bike riding and tight underwear he wears LOL. I think we'll try and treat with supplements rather than surgery if the vein isn't really impeding him. Only the Uro will be able to tell him that.

That's all from here. As soon as I have the other results I'll update again.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

HSG & Me

So I had my HSG today. So crampy and uncomfortable but not painful. Just a little strange.

Thank goodness for a decent tech though. After the radiologist left the room she said "I think it looks good" so that made me feel better. The doc will have the official results tomorrow. If she doesn't call I will call her by the end of the week.

Ray is still waiting to see the Doc about his second SA. Hopefully those results are okay and we'll get the go-ahead to start clomid or a referral to an RE.

I am still taking the metformin and folic acid. I started back on the minocycline even though I shouldn't be on it. I started it again because I had a cyst flare up under my arm. It's so painful and I don't see the Derm until next friday. I will ask him to change my meds to something more pg friendly as minocycline is definitely NOT.

The weight loss is still going well. I've lost over 47 lbs now and pretty soon I'll be at 50 and Mel and I are celebrating with a day off from work and afternoon tea. I am super excited about it.

That's it. Will let all of you (anyone still reading that is) know what the doc says about the HSG and the SA. One more thing I finally got a line on an OPK. It isn't positive yet but I think it might be soon. I am so happy that my body might actually work.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vampire Chris

Yup I had my CD3 blood draw today. AF is kicking butt and taking names. I do NOT like her right now.

Mean time I was up at the ass crack of dawn so that I could be at work on time/early and wouldn't you know it we got there at 6:45am and there was already a line. I didn't get out of the office until 7:30am and I still wanted to stop at Starbucks and needed to hit CVS for some "feminine hygiene" products (lucky me, right?) Oh well I was here on time and I think Ray was at work on time too.

Next Tuesday is my HSG. Ray will have to come with me unfortunately. I was hoping my mother would still be here so she could take me but...she's leaving Friday and not coming back until the 25th. Then I get to spend that whole day resting at home. I am going to be so damn bored and worried about this work audit. I am really hoping AF will be gone before next Tuesday.

I also get to start OPKs this cycle. Dr suggested I start on CD 10 (I have no idea why I am pretty sure if I ovulate it won't be until CD 18/19/20 or later) but we just do what the dr says. In the mean time Ray's next Uro appt isn't until the end of the month so---hopefulyl there will be good news there. He could call for results this week if he wanted to but he can wait.

So the HSG means no sex0ring for the Parrishes until after the 18th (poor Ray). But we have so much going on he may not notice.

Anyway this cycle brings some hope (like I am hoping that my HSG is okay).