Tuesday, March 18, 2008

HSG & Me

So I had my HSG today. So crampy and uncomfortable but not painful. Just a little strange.

Thank goodness for a decent tech though. After the radiologist left the room she said "I think it looks good" so that made me feel better. The doc will have the official results tomorrow. If she doesn't call I will call her by the end of the week.

Ray is still waiting to see the Doc about his second SA. Hopefully those results are okay and we'll get the go-ahead to start clomid or a referral to an RE.

I am still taking the metformin and folic acid. I started back on the minocycline even though I shouldn't be on it. I started it again because I had a cyst flare up under my arm. It's so painful and I don't see the Derm until next friday. I will ask him to change my meds to something more pg friendly as minocycline is definitely NOT.

The weight loss is still going well. I've lost over 47 lbs now and pretty soon I'll be at 50 and Mel and I are celebrating with a day off from work and afternoon tea. I am super excited about it.

That's it. Will let all of you (anyone still reading that is) know what the doc says about the HSG and the SA. One more thing I finally got a line on an OPK. It isn't positive yet but I think it might be soon. I am so happy that my body might actually work.

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Ann M. said...

I was just going to send you an email and ask you how it went. I'm glad it wasn't too bad and you got at least an initial OK from somebody. Congrats on the weight loss, you are doing so great! Have fun with Mel :)