Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cycle1, CD3 already?

We stopped the BC early. I just figured enough was enough; I didn’t need to take it that last week anyway. Ray was on board for stopping the 5 days early and so now we are officially, official.

I started temping again and honestly it’s difficult to get back into the swing of things. It’s kind of hard to remember to do it right when my eyes pop open but I am remembering to do it, so that’s good. Obviously being only 3 days into this cycle nada is happening but at least the cycle has started so, there is hope for now.

This past Sunday was Easter. We attended Mass at our parish (sometimes we go to churches closer to us on typical Sundays- church where we are not technically parishioners- we kept our standing at the church where we were married and where Clara was baptized and where, hopefully, another baby will be baptized). Easter Sunday is always crazy at that church because it’s really a beautiful old Gothic style church with lots of windows and I think people feel at home in the church because it isn’t a big cathedral like a lot of the other ones in the area, anyway, I digress. So we decided to go to 8:30am Mass figuring it might be a little less crowded and that Clara would be awake but not in full on toddler mode yet. Well it was crowded but we found a seat (amazingly because we got there 5 minutes before Mass started) in the back (where we would sit anyway). Clara was okay during the Mass (as good as a 2 year old can be given that it’s an hour of quiet time basically) and she was making smiley faces and waving to two old ladies in the back-row. When she acted up (like getting loud or whiney) Ray would take her back to the narthex and deal with her. I felt like, given the circumstances, she was pretty good.

Mass ends, we skip Communion (like usual) because Ray isn’t a confirmed Catholic and well, I am just a bad one so we don’t go up. We leave as soon as Communion starts so we can get out of the parking lot a little faster than most, hoping to avoid the crowds. As we are walking towards to parking lot though the little old lady who Clara was making cute faces at stops me and says “You know, I hate to say it but what she really needs is a sibling.” Gah!

First off, REALLY? She NEEDS a sibling? No, what she needs are two loving parents who have the means and resources necessary to take care of her. Which we are, and we do.

Second, REALLY? Why do people feel the need to make these inane comments? They have no idea what our situation is or why we’ve chosen (or not chosen) to have more children. Utterly ridiculous!

I was polite though and said “yeah, it’s not for lack of trying”- the woman was probably out of earshot though. Ray asked me what happened and I told him. I also told him that I couldn’t really be mad at little old church ladies who don’t have a clue (or want to have a clue) about our situation. He said that regardless people should mind their own business. A truer statement was never spoken.

I guess it does anger me though. I am not sure why once Clara reached a certain age people have felt the need to get involved in what’s going on in my uterus (or for that matter, what is NOT going on in there). I realize that people are only curious and from close friends (and even family to some degree) I don’t mind answering because most of them know our situation and none of them brings it up to me so flippantly. But acquaintances and co-workers, people I hardly know are all the time asking when we’ll have the next one. Well folks, if it were up to me it would be today, this month we’d get pregnant but, you know what? It isn’t up to me. It’s up to what my body is doing (not doing) and up to medication wearing off or working and all other kinds of things of which I have zero, zip, nada control over. I wish people would be a little, tiny bit, more respectful of people’s personal issues. I feel like when it comes to my ute everyone gets to have their say. /end rant

And things with Clara aren’t getting all that much better. I swear she’s going to drive me to drink. I mean I love her but I cannot stand the massive temper tantrums she’s throwing lately. Like today, for example, she was all fine sitting and watching Curious George until it ended and she wanted to watch another episode. There was no time for that so Ray picked her up and she started to cry hysterically. She fought getting into the car, then she took her shoes off and threw them while in the car nearly hitting me in the face, finally when we got out of the car and she was still hysterically crying I carried her in (normally she walks) to school with my hands underneath her armpits so she couldn’t kick me.

Even after we got into her classroom, trying to calm her down with her usual things (Elmo, yogurt, mommy’s iTouch etc) she refused to calm down. I told the teacher that I wanted to stay but I had to go. I am going to call over there a little later to see how long it took before she was okay again. According to the teachers she rarely goes that nutso while at school, it’s only at home that I have no ability to calm her. That makes me feel wonderful. :( Ray says he thinks peer pressure to calm down quickly is why she doesn’t spend 20-30 minutes tantruming it out on the floor.

I know this is just her being a typical two year old and that eventually she’ll grow out of it. But it still feels horrible the endless screaming and crying over nothing. I am hoping by the time we have the next one she’ll be better.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Once a week

So I promised myself that I would keep up with this blog once a week. So here is your weekly installment of me. I hope you don’t mind.

I wish I could say things were going on right now. They aren’t. I am a week away from finishing these ridiculous birth control pills. I have a few things I need to do to prepare myself for ttc again.

I need to go to the dentist. I have several cavities that I would like to have fixed/filled before I get pregnant. At the very least I need to have the x-rays done. I would prefer to be sedated if possible during the process (get them all done at once maybe?) and I don’t think I can be pregnant for that. So I need to make that appointment (which, yeah, not happy about it).

I also need to make a half-hearted attempt at finding some of our old baby-gear. We need the infant insert for our car seat. Ray told me he has no idea where it is and I am not sure we can get a replacement. If another baby is as tiny as Clara was at birth we will definitely have use of it.

On a totally separate note 4 of the moms who had babies in Clara’s Infant I class (basically Clara’s age, maybe a little older) either have new babies now or are pregnant now. Also two of Ray’s cousins are pregnant too. I told Ray it was a good thing we decided to have another one or I’d be going a little batty right now. I have to admit though it’s hard to wait, especially since we don’t know what my body is going to do.

In case I didn’t mention what the plan is (did I mention it, I probably did); we are going to go try on our own for the next three/four months. Then in September I will meet with the Ob/Gyn again and get her thoughts. My guess is if I am not pregnant she’ll recommend I go back to the RE. I’ll have her send my records over there and I’ll call for an appointment. Then it’s probably back to testing for both of us. Ray already told me he isn’t looking forward to doing the semen analysis again. I told him we would do it at Shady Grove again like we did the second one the last time. I doubt his count/motility/morphology got any better from three years ago though. It won’t matter since most of the infertility stuff really falls on me. We just need “one good one” for him.

As for our already existing miracle well she seems to be doing quite well. She’s still waking up in the middle of the night for no reason. I am not sure if she’s having nightmares that wake her or what. Usually Ray goes down and calms her down and usually that works. It’s still a battle at least once a week to get her dressed in the morning. She threw a massive fit yesterday for example but the rest of this week she’s been fine. I got to spend a little extra time with her this morning in her daycare room because Ray accidentally forgot her daycare bag (lunch, snack etc) at home. So we spent an extra 40 minutes hanging out waiting for Ray to come back to the school with it.

She’s a funny and cute little thing though. She wanted to spend her morning showing off in the classroom for me followed by sitting next to me and hugging me. She was NOT HAPPY when I left but I tried to tell her that I was there until Daddy brought her bag back but that didn’t compute. Shana (her teacher) said that she was sure she would be fine once she was sitting down to eat her yogurt. It does make me wish I could spend more time doing fun stuff with her.

Anyway, this weekend is Easter and I still have not gotten Clara’s Easter basket together (bad mommy). So tonight Ray and I are off to Target to pick stuff up for her (and coffee too since we seem to be out all of a sudden, I don’t drink caffeine much now since I knew I’d have to give it up when I got pregnant so I didn’t know we were getting low).

That’s all from around here. Hope everyone has a blessed Easter.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

T minus 13 Days

I have 13 more little pink pills left in my pill pack to take. I have to be honest I am a little nervous about stopping. Not because I am afraid of getting pregnant (which, if it happens just by coming off pill, would be a minor miracle) but because these pills have actually given me my life back in a lot of ways.

When Ray and I first got together I wasn’t taking anything at all. We used barrier methods because (and I can’t believe I am going to admit this in public) I didn’t want to go to the gyn. I had this major fear of being- well looked at. Plus I really dislike(d) doctors (oh the irony-clearly over that now). Anyway, my sister-in-law practically forced me into the doctor’s office about three months before my wedding. The gyn she was seeing (who retired before we wanted to have a baby) was extremely nice and I felt comfortable with her so the exam was fine. At the time my cycles were pretty regular for me (about 40 days or so) and I hadn’t given HBC much thought but she suggested that if we were serious about waiting that I should consider a pill. At the time I was not organized enough to remember one daily and so I asked about the patch. She told me because of my weight (I was around 180 at the time) that I would be better off with N.uvaring. I was on that for two years before we decided to have a baby.

But in those two years I had horrendous cycles and I was miserably depressed. I had also gained a lot of weight (about 40lbs) though I don’t that that was the pills I think that was just me.

You all know the story after I got off n.uvaring (no cycles, dx PCOS, a year of problems, and finally a visit to a specialist) but after I finished breastfeeding Clara the gyn had recommended I get a M.irena IUD. I knew my insurance wasn’t going to pay for either the device or insertion of the device, not to mention I wasn’t keen on the idea anyway. Ray and I weren’t 100% sure what we wanted to do regarding having more children and I didn’t want to make a special appointment to get the thing taken out. I wanted to just be able to stop taking pills or whatever. The doctor recommended Y.AZ instead.

I have to say I experienced little to no side effects with this pill. To the contrary it cleared up my face, I never lost my sex drive, I lost weight (wow), and my cycles were so much more manageable (hello 3 day period, I love you). Now, after being on this pill for the last 18 months or so I feel like I don’t know what will happen when I stop taking it. Will my cycles be screwy? Will the acne (ugh) come back? Will I be a raging beotch? I am scared and nervous about it. I mean I know it’s necessary so there is nothing I can do about it. But still my life is manageable with the pills and so naturally going off them is a little bit like walking a high wire.

I guess we’ll know in about a month or so how this will all play out. I am just hoping that with additional weight loss and the pills having done what they’ve done for the last 18 months that maybe, just maybe, it won’t be as bad as I think it might be

Sunday, April 3, 2011

And we're back...

In so many ways.

Back here blogging (when time permits)
Back TTC again (or close to it, anyway)
Back with Clara not sleeping through the night(the fun continues)

Life has been interesting. This is my last month of BCP. I am both excited and, well not about it. I am excited because we are finally in a good position both emotionally and financially to add to our family. I am not excited about possibly going through the same heartbreak as before regarding the PCOS. When I talked with my Ob/Gyn in September she suggested we not go more than 3 months after I get off the BC (not including the month after I finish since we're not supposed to be trying that month) before I get an appointment with our RE. I will be seeing our Ob/Gyn in September anyway though (for my annual) so I'll probably discuss this with her again. If we're lucky (yeah, okay) we might be pregnant before the end of the summer. If not next fall we'll be at the RE.

We haven't exactly figured out what we are going to do about the insurance. Ray will have to see what his company is offering come the fall. I know my company will continue to offer the HSA and unfortunately I cannot have a PPO and an HSA otherwise that's what we would do. At this point since fertility is covered under my HSA if we are still trying at the start of next year (likely) we'll probably stick with that since we'll make the deductible before I go into the hospital putting our expenses at 80/20 using the traditional PPO option, not to mention Clara's repeat VCUG for next summer as well (since more than likely she'll have to have at least one more after the one this summer).

As for little Miss Clara well she seems to be doing well. We weaned her from the pacifier for all but night time sleeping. She is only allowed to use it in her room and on her bed if she wants to use it outside of night time sleeping. She does not use it for napping at school or any other time of day now. A real improvement from needing it all.the.time. We also moved her into a toddler bed because she was screaming her head off being in the crib (locked in, so typical aquarius) and wanted to sleep on the floor. Better in the toddler bed than on the floor, right? Anyway, for a while there she refused to sleep alone and so Ray and I would sit with her. Now we finally got her to go to sleep by herself. But she still wakes up about two times a night when she loses the pacifier. So, our next thing is to get rid of the pacifier at night time. We'll probably do that in a few weeks once we are convinced that she is putting herself to sleep without an issue.

As for potty training well that's sort of happening and well sorta not. She likes to be on the potty but she doesn't like to actually use it. She practices a lot, let's just say that. But we had already decided we were going to wait until after her next VCUG before we went full force on it. I think she'll respond well to a three day potty-training method but we'll see.

Anyway, so I'll be here and there posting my frustration about TTC again and maybe some good news too (at some point, right).