Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So far-so good

All the bloodwork was normal. The doc had to re-run the bile salts bloodwork but she didn't think it would show anything (the lab screwed up). My feet have been less itchy and I honestly think it's more stress/anxiety related than blood related.

Even better news is that I once again passed the GTT! 111, same as the one I took at the beginning of the pregnancy. Very very happy about that. The weight gain is still an issue and I've been trying really hard not to let it go out of control but my body likes to hold on to weight so this has been difficult. It will be good when I feel I am in control again-because right now I am not really. I think I am up around 30 plus lbs. It's horrible because I do not want to be where I was last summer-well above 200. The only good thing is that I am sure to lose a little of it when the baby gets here. Then it's back to weight watchers for me once I get everything at home on a schedule. Ray is 100% on board with me going back to WW once the baby is here. This is good because without his support it would be a lot harder.

Overall things are going okay. I am in major pain all the time it seems though. My back hurts, my knee hurts, my shoulder and neck hurt. Just so much fun all the time. But it's only 11 weeks until the baby is here, I know I can make it and it will be worth it. Of course I am nervous as heck too but- I'll get over it.

Well that's really it. My next appointment is right before Thanksgiving and then I am on a two week schedule (wow!) until Christmas and then once a week after that (yikes). Ray and I start our childbirth classes the first tuesday in December- that should be-enlightening for him.

I'll try to be more consistent with posting.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Only Because You Asked

Cholestasis of pregnancy is actually a liver problem that causes excess bile salts to be deposited into the maternal blood stream. This causes the baby to absorb these excess bile salts potentially affecting the baby's liver function and sometimes causing jaundice or other complications.

If caught early enough the itching caused by the excess bile salts in the maternal blood can be controlled with medication but overall the spillage of these salts can't really be controlled, only monitored. Only about 1 to 2 in 1000 women ever develop Cholestasis of pregnancy. If the bile salts are not too high I will probably just be put on medication to control the itching and re-tested at each appointment to see if the levels are rising. If the doc thinks everything is okay she may still let me try to go more naturally rather than forcing me to have an induction early.

What I am hoping is that the levels are low enough that I can control the itching with medication and avoid the whole induction senario. Today will be the deciding factor. If my GTT comes back high I will also have to do the 3 hour test (sucks hardcore) and if I fail that then I am most likely going to have schedule an induction :( - there would just be too many potential complications between the cholestasis and the gestational diabetes. With any luck my GTT will be fine and the bile salt levels will be low.

I'll know today what the dr is thinking.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Updating the Major Points

I am so so so so so sorry I haven't been here in a while Things are absolutely INSANE lately. I just don't have time to write everything down.

Ok so what's going on with me and Baby Parrish??

- Baby is doing awesome. My last appointment has me measuring right on target and the baby's heartrate is perfect (150s still). I am in the last trimester and trying not to freak out.

-Dr thinks I may have Cholestasis of pregnancy because I complained about having itchy feet. So instead of taking the one vial of blood for the GTT they had to take 8. That sucked but hopefully everything is okay and I won't have to worry to much. My Dr is great though she didn't get all bent out of shape about it even though it can cause some serious complications.

- My boss (sorta) is AWESOME. She was in town two weeks ago and I brought up going part time after my 6 weeks of leave are up. She was all for it! She said she thought that would not be a problem at all. I'll be working 3 days a week up to 30 hours for at least 6 weeks, possibly longer if we can manage it financially (I think we can). That would give me more time with the baby while he/she is under a year. My SIL Jen already agreed to do one day a week of babysitting for dinner (LOVE HER!!!) and I think I can totally convince my MIL to do something similar for the M&F. So baby will be out of day care for at least 6 weeks after I get back from Mat leave and then only in daycare 2 days a week after that if I go back full time. I am so happy about that arrangement.

- Things are going better in the Ray & Chris department too. It's been a difficult few weeks at the Parrish house. I've been an emotional wreak and totally stressed out but I finally got out what I needed to say yesterday and I think Ray is beginning to see how I am feeling. So that's good.

- Ray and my FIL went to go get the baby's bedroom furniture today to set it up. I got my first shower gift (still don't know what it is because of stupid UPS) -hopefully I'll get to see it today.

-I am insanely far behind on my projects for the baby. I still have to finish crocheting the blankie and the rest of the baby's name project (just the middle name remains thankfully). The holidays are coming and I am running out of time.

Well that's it from here. Life is crazy- many apologies for not updating more.