Friday, November 7, 2008

Updating the Major Points

I am so so so so so sorry I haven't been here in a while Things are absolutely INSANE lately. I just don't have time to write everything down.

Ok so what's going on with me and Baby Parrish??

- Baby is doing awesome. My last appointment has me measuring right on target and the baby's heartrate is perfect (150s still). I am in the last trimester and trying not to freak out.

-Dr thinks I may have Cholestasis of pregnancy because I complained about having itchy feet. So instead of taking the one vial of blood for the GTT they had to take 8. That sucked but hopefully everything is okay and I won't have to worry to much. My Dr is great though she didn't get all bent out of shape about it even though it can cause some serious complications.

- My boss (sorta) is AWESOME. She was in town two weeks ago and I brought up going part time after my 6 weeks of leave are up. She was all for it! She said she thought that would not be a problem at all. I'll be working 3 days a week up to 30 hours for at least 6 weeks, possibly longer if we can manage it financially (I think we can). That would give me more time with the baby while he/she is under a year. My SIL Jen already agreed to do one day a week of babysitting for dinner (LOVE HER!!!) and I think I can totally convince my MIL to do something similar for the M&F. So baby will be out of day care for at least 6 weeks after I get back from Mat leave and then only in daycare 2 days a week after that if I go back full time. I am so happy about that arrangement.

- Things are going better in the Ray & Chris department too. It's been a difficult few weeks at the Parrish house. I've been an emotional wreak and totally stressed out but I finally got out what I needed to say yesterday and I think Ray is beginning to see how I am feeling. So that's good.

- Ray and my FIL went to go get the baby's bedroom furniture today to set it up. I got my first shower gift (still don't know what it is because of stupid UPS) -hopefully I'll get to see it today.

-I am insanely far behind on my projects for the baby. I still have to finish crocheting the blankie and the rest of the baby's name project (just the middle name remains thankfully). The holidays are coming and I am running out of time.

Well that's it from here. Life is crazy- many apologies for not updating more.


Trish J said...

I'm just happy to hear all is well. What is cholestatis and why on earth does it make your feet itchy?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear all is well :-) I've missed you!

Maria D. said...

I am just really happy to hear from you! We've all missed you!