Friday, October 17, 2008

yeah yeah yeah

I know I think I forgot about you folks. I didn't.

Life has been hectic and crazy. I have no time for anything any more.

Yesterday was the feast day of St Gerard. Did you know that? That's just something completely random that I know.

Anyway, the baby is doing well. I am heading into trimester 3 and it's all becoming so real.

Thanks Trish for the Bradley information. I have so much to do I hadn't given it much thought since I wrote my last post. I have to look into that and some other things.

Other than the usual stress of getting ready for baby things are okay. I have a terrible toothache that I have to wait two weeks to get fixed because my dentist is a busy busy guy. In the mean time I suffer but today has been the best of it. Just a little bit of pain and I am hoping to not need tylenol but I don't know how lucky I will be with that.

Everything is going well. My birthday is coming up and Ray, baby and I will be in Boston. Not that baby will enjoy it much still being inside me but...we'll talk to baby and see :).

So that's the update. Next appointment isn't until November 5-then I only have 12 weeks after that. *sigh* who knew it would go so quickly?


laurenjean said...

are you really in beantown? i never got an email...i will be sad if i missed you 3!!!

Ann M. said...

I am late and I suck at this, but Happy Birthday! Whoo!!

For your birthday, I gave you an award. Come to my site to get it...

The Swann's said...

You so need to update more... or is this just preperation for when your little one arrives and now around much?? ;-)

I hope you're doing well and traveling abouts as safe as one can be!