Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Just when you thought things couldn't get any stranger....

I think I ovulated? Yes a question mark because-well I stopped temping in September because I figured what the heck was the point...then out of nowhere I get ovulation spotting (I thought it was just regular attack of the spot because that's how it is with me) which only last two days and then went compeltely away.

Now I think, but I have no idea, that I am 8DPO and I started spotting again and I am getting crampy-which usually I would hate but I am so okay with this because maybe it means my cycles have returned to normal?? Maybe, just maybe we might have a chance of TTC without drugs and a million dr appointments.

Maybe I will have to admit that the idioit doctor was right about my weight and its affect on my fertility. Nah, I still think she's an idiot and I still think that she could have been waaaaay nicer about my weight issues than she was.

Either way, even though I am all crampy and spotty (not bad spotting but noticable) I am okay because if it's just a LP issue I can fix that with progesterone but if it's a whole cycle sorta deal then that would be major.

I can walk into my Dr's appointment on Friday and tell her everything that is happening and tell her what's changed and maybe get someone to really listen to me.

I am trying to be positive!


Melissa said...

It's good that you are paying such close attention to your body and hopefully learning all the ins and outs! Good luck with your doctor's appointment.

Sarah R said...

Listen to your body. Maybe it's trying to tell you something?? If not, hopefully the doctor will!