Tuesday, January 8, 2008

16 Days and Counting

That's 16 days until my next Dr's appointment. I have filled out all the paperwork. I have created a file with all my health information. I have written down every issue and symptom and problem I've had since June and I made special mention of the nearly 32 lbs I've lost since my last Dr's appointment in August!

The questions is though, do I think any of this will help me? I've been doing some research on my "issues" and, while I do not take WebMD as the source of all knowledge (that's what wikipedia is for), I do sorta trust what it's telling me. And what it's telling me isn't so horrible but it isn't so great.

Let's see what are my symptoms:

Spotting between periods (check)
Bleeding after sex (check)
Long periods (check)
Heavy periods (check, check, check)

All signs point to *drum roll*

Endometrial Polyps-which if this were true wouldn't be a major issue. Removal of the polyps requires a HSG and three days of bedrest (funness) but they won't come back so...that's the good thing. Now if only that moronic Ob/Gyn had bothered to review my symtoms and not brush off my pelvic u/s I probably could have had this issue dealt with already.

After we fix that we can work on the fact that, no, I am still not ovulating but with all the drugs they make for that issue...perhaps I can seriously begin to dream of our family.

So...16 days and counting until I find out what the story is...hopefully we'll finally get some answers and we can "fix" me.


Sarah R said...

You're being so smart about this, which is great. It'll show your doc that you mean business about this and are really concerned. I hope they'll be able to help you out!

Melissa said...

I really hope this appointment goes well for you Chris!

Mel said...

Good luck!!!