Friday, May 30, 2008

13DPO- and waiting

So after receiving the shock that I ovulated spontaneously the nurse told me to come in on 6/7DPO to have a progestrone test. The RE had told me that I needed a level above 15 in order to avoid vaginal suppositories. My level was 15.9. They are making me take them but for what?

I am not pregnant.

Not that i know for sure since I haven't tested but I am 99.99999999999% sure I am not. AF cramps have been here for the last two days a sure sign she's on her way. I can't even be disappointed about this because I knew our timing sucked especially with Ray's issues.

We agreed to do one more natural cycle (mainly because Ray wants to) and then start IUI. I have faith that the IUIs will work because I really believe that it's mostly Ray's issue at this point. We know I can be stimulated on 50mg of clomid, I am sure the 100mg will be even better. Now if only my insurance company were such jerks about everyhing.

That is a post for another time.

Anyway, so here I wait. It may be that AF is delayed due to the progesterone but she will be here and then it's another call to the RE's office to start the next cycle of pills, monitoring and shots. So fun! :/

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Trish J said...

Listen, I don't want to get your hopes up, but before I found out I was pregnant with Camo, I had cramps so bad I thought my period was coming, too, so I had a glass of wine! And then I took a test and it came back negative ... so don't count anything out. Don't get your hopes up, but don't count anything out.

I hope this is it.