Monday, April 14, 2008

An Update, I guess

for the three of you that might still be reading.

The RE rescheduled my appointment for this Wednesday so I am just waiting on that to happen. I am nevous and excited. Maybe we'll get pregnant soon without so much stuff... I can hope right.

In the meantime I have no idea what is up with this cycle. I am tempted to stop temping because it's so freakin' confusing. I got a + OPK almost two weeks ago and I took another one the other day (it was 9 or 10DPO if I go by the first positive) because my temps are strange and I didn't think I had really ovulated when I got the first positive and this was positive too. What does that mean?? Probably that my body hates me.

Anyway, I am supposed to take an pregnancy test on Wednesday just because I want to let the RE know where I am in my cycle (where am I????) I am not expecting a result other than BFN but that's okay perhaps now we can figure out what's going on with me. If I haven't said it before PCOS sucks!

So, once again it's hurry up and wait for things to happen. I need to call up the insurance folks and find out exactly what our IF benefits are. Either that or I need Ray to look them up for me.

Two days left until I found out what the story is.


C-Rah said...

Reader #1 right here!

What a waiting game. You're doing the right thing, though, because the professionals can definitely help you out more than you could by doing this all yourself. Hang in there!

Ann M. said...

Huh. That is weird. The only reason it should come up positive a second time would mean the LH are still the question is why? Maybe you ovulated more than once in this cycle? Is that possible?

I'm glad you're going to the doctor soon. Keep us posted!

Ray and Chrissy said...


It's unlikely. You can only ovulate once per cycle. Once the egg is released the progestrone usually takes over.

I have no idea what's going on unless the LH didn't really surge either time. With the PCOS it's possible that I just caught it as "high" without really ovualting.

The only thing is I did have a slight temp rise the first time the OPK came up positive...

I hate that my body hates me.

Mel said...

Reader number three reporting! I've been slacking in my comments but still reading!

Let's hope the doc can shed some light!!

Melissa said...

Hope your doctor's appointment goes well and gives you a lot of information!