Wednesday, December 3, 2008

If they let me

If my job would let me I would just nap right here at my desk. Heck if they'd let me I'd nap at home and get paid for it. LOL

I'm so tired. No, tired doesn't really cover it- more like absolutely beat. Like I've been awake for the last 4 days. I wish I knew why I couldn't sleep.

Yesterday was supposed to be our first child birth class but the instructor was ill so they pushed it back a week. Now we have to take the classes until right before Christmas. Oh well- it could be worse. At least the hospital is fairly close by.

Things are going well. Baby Parrish had a quiet day yesterday which freaked mommy out. Today he/she seems to be making up for it. I don't mind the kicking and squirming. It's reassuring to know baby is doing okay.

Supposedly I am supposed to be feeling some kind of contraction type things (braxon hicks or something) but so far, nada. Is that a bad thing? Everything still feels the same to me- maybe I am just too obtuse to notice? I do however notice that baby likes to hang out right under my ribs. Thankfully those don't get kicked often.

Overall things are normal. Just wish I could sleep longer/more.


Ann M. said...

They kept asking me if I was getting any contractions and...nope...nothing doing. Not until two-three weeks before, I think. And even then, I had to be hooked up to the NST machine or else I didn't always notice. It kind of felt like my stomach was doing a sit-up without me. But you know me, I was in labor and they asked if I was having contractions and my answer was "maybe."

Just an FYI--if you're gonna get your car seat inspected here in MD, the state troopers do it and might be booked for a while. Ours didn't have a free appointment for a month (and it turned out to be the day after the Captain was born).

Trish J said...

I'm here! Sorry for the absence, but you can always feel free to send me a long e-mail (I'm home from work today, though).

It's OK that you're not feeling BH contractions. My midwife said when I was feeling them it was because I was dehydrated. So, I would infer that if you're not feeling them, it's because you're nicely hydrated!

Maria D. said...

Hope that you are able to get some sleep soon!