Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So tired

They never tell you how difficult parenting really is. I mean people talk about sleepless nights and fussiness and all kinds of things but you never think "that will be me"- or maybe you do but you don't care.

Well last night was a dozie. We gave Clara a bath around 8:30 and I fed her around 9. She finished up around 9:30 and promptly fell asleep. At that point I told Ray we should probably head to bed but we were both watching an episode of Boston Legal and wanted to finish it. At 10:30 we headed to bed. The moment I put her in the bassinet she woke up. Full on awake. And remained that way until 4am. Ray took her downstairs to be rocked in the glider from 2am until 4am. At 4am I fed her again and she finally went to sleep until 7am. She's been napping on and off all morning.

I am at a loss for what to do. Do I try and keep her up today in the hopes that she'll sleep tonight? Do I let her sleep today and sleep when she's sleeping and then just stay up with her tonight? If I didn't have a weight watchers meeting tonight I could do that. Jen is coming over this afternoon and would be able to "watch" while slept. But I would feel bad just leaving Jen to watch tv with no interaction from me. We'll see what happens when she gets here.

And lately, I don't know if it's stress and lack of sleep or what but my tummy has been hurting more now than ever. I have no idea what I am going to do when I have to go back to work. Which is another stressor all together since my daycare situation has changed now :(

More stress between Ray's job, daycare, not sleeping...ugh.


Trish J said...

I never had any luck trying to force Cameron to sleep when I wanted him to. Despite my best efforts, I just had a stressed out baby who was a lunatic screaming machine because he was exhausted. She'll work it out in due time. You'll be a zombie until then, but it'll click one day and she'll nap in the late morning, late afternoon and evening.

What's up with the daycare situ? Don't stress - you have time to get that settled. Try to just enjoy being home, hanging out in jammies with the little nugget!

Ann M. said...

Could it be the dreaded three week growth spurt? with the captain, we just had to feed her constantly and sleep whenever she did.

what happened with the daycare situation?