Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Clara is sick. Her fever is 102 today. That means in addition to a regular doctor's appointment she has to be cath'd and checked for a UTI. How fun, right? Because it's not bad enough that she's sick but then to be stuck in the bladder. Gah.

This time she's going to Hopkins. I don't care how much more it costs us to have it done there. I don't care that it's completely inconvenient to my house or my life. I will not have her screaming on the table again while an incompetent nurse trys to locate where to put the cath.

Ray is taking her to her doc's appointment at 3pm. She was just there on Friday and was diagnosed with a simple "virus" and "not to worry"- but she has since gotten worse. Last night was probably the worst night we've had with her since she's been three months old. I hope not to repeat that tonight.

And of course with all this illness going around one of us has to stay home with her and it's been Ray because I have absolutely no time to take. Life is sucky. We'll just have to hope it isn't a breakthrough UTI (that's really bad news) and that it's something that can be easily remedied (i.e. not H1N1).

I wish this post was happier.

I have to say though overall Clara has been really great. She still won't crawl-which has me somewhat concerned about her gross motor skills. Her fine motor skills are coming along great though. She's also been very iffy with food lately. Not sure why. I don't know if it has something to do with her being sick or if it's teething again (why is everything teething?) But she's a happy happy girl. LOVES being on her daddy's shoulders and playing with Aunt Jenni. I am thinking about buying her some toys she can really play with (we have a few dollies and thing but no real toys) I think she'll like that.

Christmas is coming- it's going to be interesting with her. Plus we've got some house issues to deal with so Christmas may be a bit on the lighter side. I told Ray that we really just need to wrap a few boxes and give them to Clara since she'll only want the paper and the box anyway. LOL

Well that's all for Clara updates. Sorry I have been so MIA lately. Life has been nutty. Check out my other blog for more about that.


The Swann's said...

I'm so sorry to hear she's sick! :-( That's never any fun but especially if it's on top of teething!!! :-( I hope she gets back to her usual 100% happy and healthy self!!!

Ann M. said...

When the Captain is sick, she does the same thing as far as food goes. The only thing I could get her to eat was homemade chicken soup. Getting it to an acceptable temperature was a giant pain in the ass but it seemed to help. I used pastina instead of noodles for her.

For her first Christmas, we each picked out two books that we enjoyed from our childhood, and that's all she got from us. This year she is getting wooden blocks. We let my parents buy her the crazy things. Really, you're right, she won't know the difference.

Rachel said...

I saw Trish's link to your blog, and thought I would come check in. I hadn't caught up in a long time so to read your post I was curious about Clara and UTI's. I wondered if she had VUR. I scrolled down the posts and saw that she did and read your HORRIFYING experience with her VCUG. I am SO SORRY! Lucas had VUR until he was two. I know how heart wrenching the VCUG process is. After Lucas had his second one he screams if he is on the exam table lying flat. He hates it. And when we are checking his foreskin to prevent adhesions he screams and it's just so terrible. That process is horrific and I commend you on handling it as well as you did because your nurses sound incompetent. I don't think a fresh out school nurse should ever have been allowed to "practice" her skill on a tiny baby. NO! Ugh. I read your post and felt anxious. I am so sorry. I truly hope that she does not have a UTI. Are they talking surgery for her VUR or periodic VCUG's to monitor it and hopefully it ends with time? Regardless, you all in my prayers!

Maria D. said...

Praying for little Clara!

Rachel said...

Lucas had Grade II. He never had any UTI's while on the meds which we did for about a year. His last VCUG showed the VUR to be resolved. If not they were going to leave him on meds and continue to watch him. Both of the boys have had renal ultrasounds as your second child has a 30% of having the same issue. ( What our ped uro said anyway.) Parker is clear and Lucas has one more u/s to make sure is has not come back. He is off meds now and we have had no more UTI's since the initial one. Which that one was insane. I woke up to find him lethargic-true lethargy- not just sleepy...scary...and he had a fever that registered 105. His urine was gross and his white blood cells were really high. That was the scariest part. After that we have had no more. Thankfully. I hope that Clara's resolves even though it is Grade IV. God knows it is hard on them. I'll say a prayer for her and you. Watching your child endure the clinical aspects are more than any parent should have to do.