Thursday, July 12, 2007

1 DPO?

Well--I think I ovulated yesterday. *sigh* Geez I hope I did.

Sometimes all this fertility stuff can make you go batty. Did I O, didn't I? If I did, am I pregnant? Then if you do, you gotta wait 2 weeks to offically find out...

I am excited about this cycle because even if we don't end up pregnant...well if I ovulated when I think i did it would mimic my last cycle and it means that my body actually does work from time to time. Which is very awesome.

I still think my temp will nosedive tomorrow and that today's temp was a bit flukey but...a girl can dream for a moment that she's normal, can't she?

In the mean time all the "right" signs are there but I am still having a bit of spotting which worries me some. Maybe I'll make Ray find my cervix tonight. LOL.

I am so tired today for no good reason and the day seems to be taking forever and ever. I still have another hour + here and I am not sure I can keep myself awake that long.

Oh well---I'll try and find something NON-fertility related to entertain me.

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