Friday, July 27, 2007


Yes folks I said 16 f***ing dpo today...tested BFN yesterday..


I feel sick---I don't know if that's nerves or something else. Temps were still up today... is my chart wrong again? I really don't think it is.

This waiting completely sucks donkey butt---I have to wait until Sunday to test again. That would mark 18 high temps above the coverline and basically me being pregnant without having to test. But I NEED to see a line on a test or I'll never believe that I charted correctly or that I even ovulated.

This game totally stinks.

And...on the TMI wagon--my CM is creamy as all get out, I keep going to the bathroom thinking AF has shown up (which would be near impossible considering my temp went UP this morning)

I do not want to get my hopes wait, I take that back. I will not get my hopes up for this cycle since it was so f-d up to begin with. Yeah, something is wrong and until a pregnancy test tells me otherwise...well that's what I am inclined to believe.

So---we wait until I get real hard proof one way or the other.

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