Thursday, July 5, 2007

All Aboard

So-here it is an offically offical TTC blog.

Never thought I'd get here but yet here I am.

After a series of pregnancy pop-ups over the last 6 months, Ray and I have finally decided that it is our turn to start trying for our own little one.

I've been waiting at this station for the train to come in for a long time. It feels like every time I think the train is pulling into the station (i.e. Ray is with me) the train gets delayed and I am left feeling like "ok, why did I get up then?"

That's sorta how I look at this TTC journey. A train ride to babyland. I highly doubt my wonderful husband feels the same way. But needless to say he seems to be at the train station with me now and that's all that matters.

So, let me describe this station for you if I can. It's sort of busy lots of folks either coming or going. Most of them seem to be excited and nervous just waiting for the train to pull up and let them on. Others seem frustrated and require more help to actually get on the train. Those folks, the ones who have been waiting a while, those that require the help of the porter or conductor are the ones I am most nervous about because---well we could end up like that ourselves. In the meantime we'll just hope our train comes before people start asking questions.

The ride to babyland itself will be filled with some really exciting things for us and I look forward to it. The journey should help Ray and I grow as people and as a family. It will help us put into perspective all the things we really want/need in our lives.

Once we get on the train the journey to babyland begins but we'll have to switch trains at "Pregnancy" once we get there. Right now this is just the first half of the journey the ride from TTC-ville to Pregnancy and then the final stop in Babyland. I don't mind switching trains part of the fun of this whole thing will be getting to Pregnancy...

In the mean time I statred this blog to journal our train ride from the Station at TTC-ville to Pregnancy and finally Babyland. I am hoping that we won't have a long journey as some couples do and I am hoping we won't require so much help as some couples do but--if that's the case than so be it.

We are excited to share this with you but I respectfully request that you be kind in your comments to us. Getting to the station was hard enough.


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