Monday, July 9, 2007

Now What

Ok so the weekend could have gone better. I certainly did not need to hear that yet another person in my life is pregnant certainly could be worse.

I am not sure what is going on with this cycle. Today's temp was the lowest my temp has ever been. I wonder if there really is something wrong with me that the blood tests are picking up.

Ray and I had a very busy weekend with guests from all over showing up... we gave our guests our bedroom so there was no hanky panky going on while we were shacking up on the air mattress. Last night though was a totally different story :D

I am not sure if I'll ovulate this cycle. If it turns out I don't I really need to make an appointment with the ob/gyn to see what is going on. Because if three of the last 4 cycles charting are annovulatory than there is something very wrong with me that needs to be addressed. I have a feeling clomid is in my future!

On the bright side the abscesses seem to be getting better. I just have to make sure I keep taking care of myself.

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