Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Doctor's Appointment


So, today was the day. The day I saw the new ob/gyn. Questions loomed large:

1. Will I like her? (She's okay, but she's young and pregnant and I am not sure how I feel about that right now, I'd say if I was keeping score for her, that would be a -1. My other ob/gyn was clearly closer to menopause than child-bearing and it made me feel safer I guess. She was definitely more "motherly" than the new doctor. But overall she seems nice enough. But with some of the crap that's been happening lately I am not sure how I feel about a Doc who will possibly have two or three children before I can even conceive one, kwim?)

2. Will she take my cycle concerns and charts seriously? (A bit. The nurse more so than the doctor herself. She told me that the spotting was most likely caused because I am too fat. That isn't really news and this is an issue I've been struggling with. We talked about that and she suggested that we run a few tests to rule out anything hormonal and she also wrote a 'scipt for a pelvic ultrasound. This is a lot more than I thought I would get out of one visit so +1 for that I guess.)

3. Is there anything immediately wrong with me that she could tell right away? (she said everything "looks fine" and she couldn't feel any masses or lumps but that a pap and an ultrasound will rule out anything she couldn't see or feel herself. She was quick and pleasant and talked to me a bunch. So I guess that another +1)

Overall the experience was a positive one. I don't like doctors, I especially don't like ob/gyns mainly because I hate the idea of someone, you know, looking at me there. But mainly I don't like ob/gyns because sometimes I think they aren't as concerned with the patient's whole health as say most other doctors (well not surgeons, they are probably the worst to deal with). She did say that I would have to wait at least another 6 months before she would consider more evasive tests and that she wanted to see if weight loss really helped me. I asked, of course, about what if I couldn't lose weight at all in the next 6 months would that put the kabash on the whole thing. She told me that there is only so much she can do for me, if I was continuing to have issues and I couldn't lose weight she would happily refer me to an RE to help with both that and the whole TTC thing (again that's a +).

She did ask me if I knew how often ovulated in the last 6 cycles and I told her that according to my charts it was only once. She said she thought that after 6 more cycles of charting if I still wasn't ovulating that we may need to "jump start" my cycle and then help me ovulate (so it looks like if nothing else there will be provera or prometrium and clomid in my future).

After this ultrasound she'll call me with the results and I suppose at that point I'll see if she wants me to schedule another appointment with her for 6 months from now. So it's still all a waiting game and unless something drastically changes in the next few weeks or 6 months, we are on a "timed" intercourse schedule with me continuing to chart.

So...that's where we are.


Cathy said...

Well, it's something anyway, right? You know what the medical plan is, and it seems reasonable.

Hope the ultrasound goes well!

laurenjean said...

ok - so the dr did end up with a positive point value...right? and i would have to agree about the prego doc being a bit on the uncomfortable side...i would want someone who had more life years too.

i am happy somethings were answered and that you got something. to have a plan is great - at least you arent in the dark. keeping my fingers crossed about the u/s.

True Believer (AKA Desirée) said...

You're on your way girl. Take it in stride and I'm always wishing you tons of luck = )