Monday, September 17, 2007

Ok, so an update

I stopped temp'ing the two weeks we were away in Oz. Mainly because it was a pain partly because I still had AF up until about 5 days before we left. Not to mention there was absolutely nothing going on in the baby-making department during our travels. Much to Ray's vocal dissatisfaction.

We are back on track though and I think I am gearing up to ovulate in the next few days. Time to take out the OPKs again and start POAS. No worries about not getting pg this cycle. I realize with the travel it's unlikely and I can go back to more obsessive behaviors next month.

In the mean time I spoke with the doctor today---she told me all my tests are perfectly normal. Isn't that just wonderful? :/ Not sure how I feel about it to be honest. If there was something wrong at least we could start something but now I have to wait yet another 6-8 months before we'll consider anything else besides that I am fat.

Speaking of which I joined WW again today. I am excited. My first weigh in is tomorrow (not looking forward to it considering the damage I inflicted during our trip but what the hey). I am trying to get Ray to join also but I am pretty sure he's not going to. No matter I will go to meetings and start to get myself together. My goal is about 30lbs in 6 months which i think is perfectly normal, then I can go back to the Dr and she might not see me as a fat lazy oaf. I might even be able to lose more if I can get myself into biking again.

Well that's it from here. Back to trying and trying. Maybe we'll get lucky this time around.
Well that's all.

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