Friday, September 21, 2007

Back on track

So--everything is normal. I mean fairly normal. Temps are normal and I feel decent. Had a bit of a spotting scare yesterday but it went away no sign of its return. I am happy.

I wrote to my doctor to request my most recent tests and medical records. I want to request a second opinion on the tests she ran. I realize that she ran them a week after I started my last AF- which lasted nearly 3 weeks. I don't think she took that into account when she read the results of the blood-work, in particular. Also if my endometrial lining was "very thick" as she put it when they did my ultrasound, than how could she see if there was, say, a small fibroid hiding amongst the lining? Well, she wouldn't, would she?

So anyway, I think I do need a second opinion and perhaps even another round of blood-work and ultrasound. But we'll let another doctor decide that. In the meantime I'll just hope this cycle is somewhat normal. Also I have to figure out which doctor do I want to go to. The hospital where Ray works has a great OB/GYN department and so i am thinking of making an appointment with one of those OB/GYNs and seeing if I can get someone to actually talk to me instead of saying "oh you are fine. Blood work is fine. Ultrasound fine. Keep trying naturally and make an appointment for 6 months from now" which is what i am getting from this doctor.

BUT...on the off chance that me being overweight is what is causing this--I have decided that WW is good for me. I am enjoying being back on points and tracking again and Ray has even joined me in the endeavor. I am not quite ready to get back the bike though, maybe a short ride on Sunday, we'll see.

I did some research on my symptoms (heavy bleeding, spotting, tiredness, anovulation, long cycles etc) and I came across Cushing's Disease. Is anyone familiar with this at all. I'd be interested to know what it is and how to "cure" it.

Well, that's it for me. Have a wonderful weekend!

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