Monday, October 29, 2007

Chart This

I've given up on charting. I mean what's the point with me not ovulating at all? So even though I've lost nearly 14 lbs-it isn't enough to jump start my body into working again. Maybe there is something to that 10% thing.

In the meantime I feel like some of my health issues are better (breathing and whatnot) but some have remained the same (spotting, cysts etc). I wonder if losing a few dress sizes will help them at all. I can't see it hurting that.

I still haven't really found a doctor to take my records to. Hopefully after the holidays. We'll see what my body does in the mean time.

Then again God works in strange ways--I could end up preg, next month for all I know.

1 comment:

Sarah R said...

Don't give up! You're doing the right thing by keeping healthy, and your future children will appreciate you doing that for them.