Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Bad Touch

Ha ha...the title is joke of course.

So Ray had his appointment with the Urologist on Thursday. I ended up coming home from work early because I simply was not feeling well. He went alone and when he didn't call or come home by 3:30 (his appointment was at 2:15) I text messaged him to make sure everything was okay. He sent me a text saying the doctor had gotten held up in surgery and he hadn't even been seen yet. So okay---I had to wait.

At 4:30 he called to tell me that he was on his way back to the apartment and would tell me everything when he got there.

When he came home he said the doctor checked him over and mentioned that the semen analysis didn't tell him everything he wanted to know. He told Ray that labcorp (where the analysis was done) isn't very good and that Ray should consider going over to Shady Grove Fertility Clinic to have another sample tested. He gave Ray a 'script for another analysis. Then he said that he felt on Ray's physical exam a small varicocele (for those that don't know what that is, it's an enlarged, twisted vein in the scrotum, most often on the left side). He told Ray that although his analysis did have some troubling spots most of them were just slightly below normal range and that another analysis should determine how accurate they are. Not to mention the andrology lab at Shady Grove is much better and gives much better, more detailed analysis.

Ray's appointment to go is on Thursday of this coming week. He'll go over in the morning before work (I'll be with him-hehe) and do his thing. We should have the results the following day but probably won't really know anything until Ray's next Dr's appointment which is the last Thursday of March. Soooo another month to wait...the time just ticks by.

As for me, I have my beta hCG on Monday (since, as predicted I am not bleeding and I have not ovulated) and then I get the joy of starting provera. On Friday I'll go in for my CD3 bloodwork and then schedule my HSG for the following Friday.

I talked with my boss about all of my upcoming doctor stuff. I just told her the bare basics. Having some tests done, having a procedure mid month will have some follow-up appointments after that then maybe more stuff will need to be done-not sure yet. I told her it wasn't life threating nothing to really worry about but I needed to be checked out and monitored by a doctor and hopefully I'll be okay. She seemed understanding which is cool.

That's really all, so as usual it's wait wait wait. I'll let you all know how the blood test fairs on Monday.


Ann M. said... maybe it was just the lab? I mean, obviously you don't want anything to be low but if they're only a little below normal, that's not as bad as they originally had you believing.

I hope things go well with your CD3 tests and the provera...

Alicia said...

my goodness. the waiting game sucks. i hope shady grove is able to do a better job. shady grove is where my last project was! i was there every day until about a month ago. small world. good luck.