Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where's the Surprise?

Not here.

The beta hCG was negative as predicted. When the nurse told me I said "okay, good" and she said "you wanted it to be negative" and I said "well now I can start my medication and get my HSG and find out what the problem is, and I knew it was going to be" I supposed I should have said "that sucks but okay, good."

I mean I started spotting two days ago so that means AF is on her way without the provera but I am taking it anyway because I would like to do the CD3-5 bloodwork this saturday and if I wait for it to start on my own I'd be at the mercy of my own body-which is not unlike how it normally is.

Things are okay in the baby making arena, at least for now since we've resolved that until Ray gets his next SA back and I have the results from my HSG we are in limbo-land.

My main concentration is not on our respective health issues but on our dear cat Roary's. She isn't doing so well and I am really sad about it. We are taking her to the vet on Saturday, I just hope she's okay until then. In the meantime I am going to try and spend as much quality time with her as I can, in case things go bad. Which, we hope they won't because I'd be a wreck without her.

Anyway, so it's a waiting game. I'll post an update on Thursday to tell you how Ray felt about the SA.

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Alicia said...

Good luck with all three issues! You have a full plate girl, but you're strong. Just keep on, keepin on.