Friday, April 25, 2008

So A Funny Thing

AF isn't here. Not even spotting. My temps went up this morning?? I think my chart is wrong.

I'm a skeptic I guess. I won't test! I can't bare to see the negative result even with decent temps. I'll wait until Monday unless AF shows by then (and she will).

I can make it through the weekend (I think) besides I only have one test at home and I don't want to waste it on this cycle when I feel we had no chance. Our timing was great if I ovulated 14 days ago, it was okay if I ovulated 12, not so great at 11 days or less.

Only time will tell I guess. Wait wait wait. That's the fun part. Still having cramps and craving sweets (not like me at all) but I am still sure she'll show tomorrow or sunday at the latest!


Ann M. said...

All I'm going to say is...hmm.

And keep us posted.

Melissa said...

seconding what Ann says! Let us know.

LCP said...

Ooooo, praying for some news soon. I will say this...when I was pregnant this last time...I truly thought the symptoms I was having were AF, until I was 4-days late. So sometimes AF symptoms are exactly the same as pregnancy.

Can't wait to hear!

The Swann's said...

:-) Waiting for an update!!! :-)