Wednesday, June 4, 2008

2nd Beta

So I won't have the results of my second beta until around 1pm today. As soon as I have them I will update with the results.

To answer a few questions. I am 4w4d today (according to my chart). Obviously an u/s will have to confirm the date when (fingres crossed) we get to that point.

How did I tell Ray? Well let me give some background on that. As most have read, on 6dpo I had to go into the RE's office for a progesterone test. The progesterone had to be over 15 in order for them not to prescribe suppositories. My level came back at 15.9 so as a precaution they started me on the suppositories. The nurse warned me that the progestrone might delay my period or make me have symptoms of pregnancy even if I wasn't pregnant and that I should test on June 1.

On about 11DPO I started to have mild cramps and some breast achiness- typical of an AF visit and I thought "ok we'll just prep ourselves for the next clomid/hCG trigger cycle" and I told Ray that I thought I'd get my period this cycle. He said "so we'll get it on the next one" and I was okay with it. We have been busy with the house anyway and I was concerned that our timing was mess up for this cycle. I was ready to get pregnant next cycle.

On 14DPO (May 31) when I didn't get my period (my typical LP is 13 days) I didn't think anything of it because I was taking the progesterone and I figured that's why it was a bit delayed also no spotting, again I attributed this to progesterone. But the cramps were quite painful. I usually get cramps before AF but these were more painful than any I'd experienced in the last few ovulatory cycles. I just thought that the progesterone was making them worse. That night (May 31) I was talking with my SIL and I was mentioning that the nurse suggested I test June 1 but I didn't know why I was bothering since I was like 99.9% sure I wasn't pregnant. I even went so far as to suggest I was going to stop taking my progesterone suppositories due to how much they sucked (good thing I didn't do that). All this time though my temps stayed around 98.3 which is really high for me (most of my post ovulatory temps never get above 97.7 there are always a few that hit 98) but again didn't think anything of it, at all.

On Sunday morning (June 1) I woke up and decided to "waste" my 5 bucks and take the test just to get it over with. I wouldn't have tested at all until I was done with the progesterone suppositories but since the nurse said I should, I did. When the urine passed over the test point it came up positive immediately. Shocked would not have been the word- awed, dismayed, completely stunned would explain it better.

I left the bathroom, Ray was still sleeping, and I screamed (running up the stairs) "WAKE UP" and he (in his half asleep voice) said "what, what's wrong?" and I said "nothings wrong" and showed him the test and we hugged for a good minute and then I said "should we wait to tell everyone?" and he said "maybe" and I said "I have to tell my mom and sister" and so we told the immediate family and our good friends and obviously I have told the blogging world. But our co-workers/bosses don't know and our extended families are oblivious at least until we are well into the second trimester.

And so now waits for the next beta which we hope is good. We are already attached to "clumpy" (Ann, I thought about you when we thinking of a nickname for the "baby") and hope that she'll be fine and that this whole pregnancy will be completely uneventful in every way.


Ann M. said...

heeheee....I think that's a great nickname for now ;)

keep us posted on the betas!

Melissa said...

clumpy... I like! By the way I have a little something for you the next time we see you!