Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Update**Beta #s

So I got my 2nd beta back and it looks okay. It didn't quite double but very close (less than 100 off from doubling completly) the beta level is 2793, I wish it was higher. I was honestly hoping it be closer to 3000. My progesterone level dropped a bit also to 36.8 (3.2 less than Monday's test). I have an ob u/s next Wednesday to see if there is a sack and all the related stuff. I don't think there will be a heartbeat until a few weeks after that so...I am not getting to worked up over anything at this point.

Anyone have any experience with betas and progeterone levels. Should I be worried that my level didn't exactly double (we went in about 20 minutes earlier this time than last time, does that make a difference) and that my progesterone level went down 3.2 from Monday?


Ann M. said...

I'm not sure about the progesterone level thing (it could have something to do with the suppositories, maybe?). All I know is that progesterone levels themselves don't really give a reading on whether the pregnancy is going to be successful. They don't even test for that here.

On the HCG front, the "doubling every other day" thing is an approximation. The thing to focus on is that it went up, and pretty close to the mark.

We got a sonogram at 5w5d and it looked like a tiny lifesaver and a teeny jelly bean. We didn't see the heartbeat til 7w5d.

Cathy said...

Suppositories don't get abosorbed into your bloodstream consistently, so the progesterone levels can fluctuate. I didn't use them, but actually that was one of the reasons WHY my RE didn't want me to use them. (I did injections instead.) Doesn't mean it's not getting abosorbed into your uterus, where it's needed, just that the blood levels aren't necessarily an accurate reflection.