Thursday, June 5, 2008

Holy Tiredness Batman

Gosh I'm tired. And to any of you who say "oh you have no idea just wait until that kid is born" I say to you "BAH!" and "Leave me alone" I'll bitch if I want to this is my blog...

I've been having waves of tiredness for the last few days but today I am outright exhausted. I have hardly felt a cramp today but I feel uncomfortable overall. Like my tummy is spasming- it doesn't hurt it just feels uncomfortable. That on top of being hungry but not wanting to's strange.

The boobies are the most sore today than they have ever been. I honestly just want to crawl back into my bed. I hope this means Clumpy is okay.

I am still nervous about our u/s next week. I am praying that everything is fine and that she's measuring the way she's supposed to. It's my RE doing the u/s. The last time I saw her was for a follie check at CD 15 where my follie hadn't grown at all...I hope that's not a bad sign. I really want everything with this pregnancy to be uneventful.

I talked a little with my mother yesterday. I asked if anyone had a history of miscarriage in the family. She said no one but my grandmother (her mom) did have a baby stillborn because of a tipped uterus. It wasn't something they knew before she delievered him. But that was the only problem she ever had.

In addition she said I should be happy that I am not in a lot of pain or that I am feeling sick. She said she felt happy, perfect and fine throughout all her pregnancies and that most likely I'll experience the same thing. But symptoms are reassuring to it odd that i just more of them?

With relation to the uterus stuff, my HSG showed I have an arcuate uterus. Basically my uterus is in the shape of an arrow. The RE said it's nothing to be concerned about and that mine is not very prevelent. It doesn't matter. No matter how many people tell you everything is going to be fine you don't believe it until you see that baby on the u/s.

It's so hard waiting. I know that whatever will be will be and that stressing out about it won't change anything but it's hard not to.


Ann M. said...

Well, tiredness is a symptom ;) I don't think you're weird for wanting to feel more pregnant. It might make you more reassured that everything is going OK. But the absence of morning sickness and those sorts of things doesn't mean that things aren't going well for you and Clumpy.

I know it is hard to wait for the sonogram but things seem to be going in the right direction. Try to focus on that, and just try to enjoy being where you're at.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being pregnant! I know what you mean about wanting symptoms. We are TTC also (6th month) and I feel like I am so hyper aware of any little thing and then I get excited that it could be our lucky month! Anyway, try to enjoy this special time in your lives!

I found your blog recently and have been reading past posts to catch up! Thank you for sharing so much of your story! Lisa S.

Desirée said...

Congrats!!! I know I'm a little late but I was MIA for a while.

If it makes you feel any better I didn't start my never-ending barf-o-rama until I was 7 weeks. That's when a lot of the symptoms starting coming for me but remember that every pregnancy is different. You may go through your whole pregnancy just tired with sore boobs = )

Congrats again! I'm so excited and happy for you!!

C-Rah said...

Hey, even though you're looking for more symptoms, exhaustion IS one of the tell-tale symptoms to look out for. That, and the boobies. I think you're doing pretty good so far. :o)