Thursday, June 19, 2008

Long Awaited-Perhaps?

So I really meant to post this whole thing yesterday but as usual I made dinner and fell asleep when I got home. I was lucky I made it to 9pm. The way I've been feeling lately I'm lucky I make it through work.

The u/s went fantastic (I promise a pic as soon as I figure out how to get it here so that you all can see it). Our Clumpy is measuring right on target (6.5mm which makes us 6w4d +/- 2d) with a nice strong heartbeat! We were sooooo happy to see that.

I have officially been released from the RE's care back to my Ob/Gyn whom I need to call. I am just giving the REs office a few days to transfer my medical records back to my Ob's office. I'll call Monday to set up my appointment.

So things are looking great for me, Ray and Clumpy (maybe Thumpy-eh Mel?) and every day I fall more in love with our little bean. Of course I am suffering from m/s and I am tired nearly all the time but I don't think anything in the world could make me happier than being sick for our little one. :)

that's about it. As soon as I get the pic together I'll be sure and post it up.


Desirée said...

YAY!!! I've been stalking your blog since yesterday! I can't believe you made us wait so long. I'm so happy for you and Ray..and Clumpy = )

C-Rah said...


Sooo happy the u/s turned out to be successful. I'm very very happy for you guys.

Ann M. said...


LCP said...

I am soooo glad everything looked great!! Enjoy your new Clumpy!!

Trish J said...

Great news! Isn't the hearbeat amazing?

*Tina* said...

YAAAAAAAYYYY!!! I was stalker-checking your blog the other day, hoping I could hear the news before I went out of town! I am SO HAPPY for you!