Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Status Quo

All is quiet on the home front now. No more spotting and I am not even the slightest bit concerned about it. I put the suppository in last night and everything was fine this morning. I probably just nicked myself when I put it in two nights ago. Everything seems to be fine and the m/s is definitely still around (fun!)

We get to see Clumpy tomorrow and I am so excited. It's going to be too early for a heartbeat but we should see a lot more this time than last time. I am sure it will all be good news for us (well I am hoping it will be at least). I am feeling much more positive lately, trying to remain calm. That's sometimes hard for a person like me.

Either way though I am trying to look towards to brighter parts of this process and not let things freak me out so much. I am not sure how well that will go.

Ray took a half day yesterday to be with me. I mostly just sat on the couch and talked with my mom on the phone. I think she was concerned but not enough to freak out. She never was that kind of mother though. She just told me I'd be fine, not to worry and to do what the nurse asked me to do. She told me I should call Ray's mom to stay with me yesterday but I told her I didn't want to mainly because I didn't want to upset her (obviously I did not have the same issues with my mother). In fact I didn't talk with anyone in Ray's family about yesterday because it isn't something I need to concern them with unless it gets worse or there is a problem. No use making everyone upset, right?

I am predicting a better day today...


Ann M. said...

I am happy that things are better today (WHOOHOO!)

If your prenatals are bothering you, you can always take Flintstone Chewables--no really. I do. I just have to take two instead of one. I also have to take them at the end of the day when I'm usually full from dinner.

Let us know how everything goes tomorrow, OK? You know I will be totally be sitting by my computer all morning (I am such a dork).

C-Rah said...

Glad things are looking up. :o)

Desirée said...

I'm glad that the spotting stopped. And that you are feeling better.
Looking forward to hearing about the u/s!

*Tina* said...

I hope all is well, thinking about you!