Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Knocking on the Door

To the next trimester that is. Today I am 12w3d! Only a few more days to go to get out of this trimester. In truth though I believe everything is fine.

Yesterday was our NT scan. It went well. Baby's measuring on time it seems (though the u/s tech did not give me a measurement) and the heartbeat was 158- this time though it sounded more like a heartbeat and less like a swishing noise. It was awesome to hear it again. The tech watched our baby for 30 minutes it was great although baby was being pain in the assy and wanted to be lazy. The only time baby moved was when I laughed, other than that it seems baby was content to just lay back and grow without too much movement. I said baby takes after Ray. LOL (he didn't find that as amusing as I did).

Anyway, u/s tech and doc say baby is looking good- the NT was 1.4 (which is apparently normal) with a normal nasal bone (also good) but I won't know the final results of the screening until they get my bloodwork complete- so a few weeks from now. Hopefully before I see the Ob in two weeks.

Mom and I went shopping over the weekend because, although 3/4 of the jeans I own are too big for me (even now) the way they are cut makes the extremely uncomfortable to wear, especially when I am sitting. So I purchased some maternity jeans (SOOO COMFY). I will probably wear them on Friday when we go to Knobel's.

That's another thing. My MIL & FIL expressed concern about me traveling with them on Friday to the park. Apprently they think I am going to be miserable due to the heat and traveling time. That on top of the fact that the following day we were supposed to go a family reunion in South West PA and then travel up to Pittsburgh after the reunion was over. My total in the car for the weekend would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 hours spread over 3 days. I was not the least bit concerned. I do well in the car typically, especially if I can sleep. My in-laws know nothing about my car traveling habits really...but anywho we agreed to skip the reunion and just go to Knobel's and Pittsburgh (leaving late Saturday night instead of early Saturday morning for the reunion). Honestly, I think I should be the one to assess my own issues with this pregnancy. I mean I pregnant for goodness sakes not disabled. I can make my own decisions on what is or is not good for me and baby. I just think it's a bit obsessive but I suppose I understand their concern about it.

Anyway, hopefully us saying we are skipping the reunion will be enough for them to "allow" me to go on the trip to Knobels (something I look forward to each year) if not---I guess Ray and I will both be sitting at home doing nothing.


LCP said...

I love the doctor visits when you can see and hear the baby. So encouraging!! Great baby is doing so well.

Don't take your IL's concern to seriously because in a couple of months you are going to be ready to start using those excuses, and happy and willing!!

Have a great week.

Melissa said...

That is so neat that you got to see the baby for so long! Hope it holds you over until your next appointment!

Ann M. said...

Glad you were able to see the baby for a half hour--that's wonderful :)

Be prepared: people will be making assessments on what you can and cannot do this whole time. The only person you should really follow is the doctor's recommendations, or what you know you can or cannot do.

Trish J said...

Ann is right - everyone feels entitled to tell you what you can and can't eat, drink, pick up, ride in or on ... it's obsurd.

Just do what feels comfortable and you'll be fine.

And aren't maternity pants the best? You won't want to give them up when baby is here!

laurenjean said...

people are going to start (or continue in some cases) telling you what is best for you and what you probably want and such - take it or leave it, whatever makes you comfy!!!

the heartbeat is the best - i loved it everytime. almost to the 2nd trimester - the 'honeymoon' one!!!

Maria D. said...

Bleh... I hate it how people think you are disabled when your pregnant. I mean, come on! It's a baby in my belly... not ALL my limbs falling off!

Maria D. said...

I went private on my blog a while back and went public for a few months. I am returning to private and want to let you know so that you could send me your email address if you want an invite. If you are already on the list or have recently given me your email just disregard this. I am posting this comment on everyones page. I just don't want anyone to be left out. Have a great day!

The Swann's said...

Oh how awesome you got to see your baby for so long AND for entering the second tri!!! :-)

So, you going to find out the sex of the baby or have a surprise at birth??