Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nuchal Scan and Crazy Dreams

Anyone who knows me knows that I never can remember a single dream I've ever had. But lately (must be something about pregnancy) I've been having some interesting ones. Last nights was by far the most strange.

I dreamed that we had the baby, like yesterday (yeah 11w pregnant I know not possible) and that the baby was perfectly fine, healthy no problem. I remember being in the hospital but not the birth, like I kept saying but I don't remember giving birth to the baby, and my sister and Ray would say "we were there it happened" so I had to believe them. The thing is because the baby was so early we had nothing for her (and it was clearly a girl with black hair [fyi I have light brown hair and Ray is a red-head], blue eyes and somewhat dark skin) and my sister didn't have time to give me a baby shower. Even better is that my Doctor didn't deliver her it was the ONLY male Ob in her whole practice (which is odd since there are like 6 women and only one guy chances are I'll end up with either my Dr or one of the ladies) Isn't that the strangest thing?? I am sure it just means that I am nervous that we won't be ready when the baby comes but it seems so early to start stressing about that...

ANYWAY, on to other stuff. This coming monday is our Nuchal scan. I am not worried about it. I am sure our kiddo is fine and dandy in there. I know this is terrible but the main reason we are doing it is so that I have another picture of the baby and also because I want to see him/her again. I realize it's only been a week (plus) since we saw the baby at the Doc's appt but it's so hard not knowing what's going on in there. Hopefully everything is fine. After seeing and hearing the heartbeat last week I do feel a little bit more confident that things are going to be great and we'll be taking home our kidlet in Feb.

Well, that's all for me, for now.


laurenjean said...

february babies are the bestest!!!!!

i am sure everythng will be fine - you are on my mind!!!

Ann M. said...

I always had dreams like this--crazy stuff like the baby was born before our 20 week sonogram and was talking in full sentences, but I was mad because I didn't get my "big" sonogram... I think it's a hormone thing.

Trish J said...

In my dreams, the baby always had a full set of teeth. Creepy.

The Nuchal will be fine - you and Clumpy (is it still clumpy at this point? He or she probably looks like a gummy bear by now) are going to be great.

And Ann is right - hormones do crazy things!