Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Swish Swish Swish

That's what the baby's heartbeat sounded like yesterday at the Doctor's appointment.

Obviously, it all went well. Ray and I got the chance to see little Clumpy all movin' and groovin' inside of me. Heartrate was around 150 and you could see little limbs and everything. The baby almost looked human- more so than the previous u/s. The best part was hearing the little heartbeat. The doctor had a bit of time locating it because the baby kept moving around-she would find it and then baby would move and she couldn't find it. But Ray and I both got to hear it and that was the absolute best part!

I also had my annual exam and learned that I have Group Strep B and was put on antibiotics. Good thing too because I noticed today that I have the beginnings of a UTI. So they caught it really early. I have to do the GTT early (around 14 weeks) since I was diagnosed PCOS w/ insulin resistance. They just want to make sure they monitor me more heavily. I appreciate that. I hope I don't end up with gestational diabetes.

I am still feeling sick every once in a while-mostly just tired in the afternoons but it is getting a little better, I guess. The doctor asked me if I was still taking the progestrone suppositories and I told her I stopped at 9 weeks, she said "good because you definitely do not need them" I was like "w00t" in the office.

I have to tell you girls how much I love this doctor. She seems more like a friend than a doctor and I think it's great! I am so happy that she may be delivering our little baby! :)

Our next group of stuff is the Nuchal scan and AFP bloodwork which I have to call Sinai about. Then our next appointment with the Ob is in 4 weeks.

I am noticing my clothing getting tigher (in otherwords they fit now) but no one else can tell but me (good thing). I imagine in about 3 or 4 weeks it will be more obvious but I am not in any rush to let people know what's going on unless they ask directly.

Ok that's all from here. Figured I owed you folks and update!


Ann M. said...

Isn't it just the craziest, coolest thing when you hear the heartbeat? I am sooo excited for you. I totally get anxious every time you go to the doctor.

Thanks again for traveling to NY to see us ;)

LCP said...

I am so happy for you. Isn't hearing the heartbeat so real!! And you get to hear it every visit from now on...so much fun and encouraging.

laurenjean said...

the heartbeat is the best sound ever, isnt it!?!
sounds like everything is going great with clumpy...are you guys going to find out the sex of the litte wiggly one?!?

The Swann's said...

Oh how amazing to hear your clumpy's heart beat!!! :-) i hope the remainder of your pregnancy is smooth sailing!!!