Thursday, August 14, 2008

And so here we are

Squarely at the start of Trimester #2. So far, so good.

Yesterday was my second Ob appointment with my Doc (have I mentioned my complete LOVE of her???? I would seriously marry her if a. I were gay and b. she weren't already married and c. if I didn't already love Ray to death-but I digress) . The appointment went quite well. Blood pressure was 123/72, no protien in the urine but there may still be left over GBS (yuck), baby's heart-rate (the sound of which I ABSOLUTELY ADORE) was about 157. According to their scale I've gained 10lbs, according to mine 5- I like mine better LOL.

I did have to do the early GTT yesterday which sucked btw but wasn't nearly as awful as I heard it would be. I am just praying the results are normal so I don't have to do the three hour. The results from the NT scan were "perfect" baby is looking great. She did not give me the numbers (probably so I wouldn't stress about them, although I am sure if I asked she would have). I had the blood draw done for the AFP and my next appointment with her is on Sept 10. The big news though is that baby is measuring about 4 days ahead (which is where he/she would have been had I ovulated on CD14 like a "normal" person) so I am 15w2d today instead of 14w5d-so my due date was changed to 2/2/09- Groundhog's day and my late grandfather's birthday (I never met him).

I get to schedule our big U/S for 4 or 5 weeks from now. I can't believe how fast this is all going. It will be Feb before I know it. I feel like I'll never be prepared but I know that isn't true. Things sure are getting exciting around here. I've finally been asked about my pregnancy and it seems that my moods are getting better although I am still extremely tired in the afternoons.

Life is slowly getting back to "normal"


Ann M. said...

Hooray! I was waiting for an update from you (I sent you an email earlier, totally forgetting that you don't check it during work). Soo glad that things are going well!

I'd do a happy dance for you but that's probably not allowed. Charlie did the walk-around-in-a-circle-of-joy for you, though.

Maria D. said...

Glad to see you and baby are doing well!

Trish J said...

So glad to hear everything is going along swimmingly. Sounds like the 1st trimester fog is lifting - what a relief! You won't exactly be your old self now that you're in the second trimester, but honey, you'll never be your old self! It just keeps getting better.

Have a great weekend, if I don't talk to you. I'm in PA again, but maybe next week I'll make the pie. I'll begin my mental preparation starting ... now.

laurenjean said...

the 2nd trimester is so much better and more comfortable (and fun) than the 1st - so congrats on getting to the happy-place!!!!
great news about another successful dr. appt - february babies are the best!!!!!!!!!