Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bundle of...nerves?

So here I am waiting impatiently for the hour to pass until Ray comes to get me for our "BIG u/s"! Gosh it seems so ominous when written like that.

I am just trying not to let my blood pressure go up. I know the chances are that everything is perfectly fine with the baby and that really the only thing I have to think about is whether I'll be more excited if baby is a boy or a girl. But naturally I have to make myself fret so I can feel like I am doing something...

The appointment is at 2pm but they won't take me in until 2:30 effectively making me stress even harder for even longer. Ray keeps telling me that everything with baby is perfect and that there is nothing to worry about. He also knows that by saying that it doesn't help but he says it anyway.

I shouldn't even be remotely worried because if any of my tests had come back positive for anything I am sure the Doc would have called. Then again, maybe not. I went 3 weeks with Group B Strep before the Ob finally said "did you take the antibiotics that were prescribed to you?" and I said "what?" and she said "for the group b strep, didn't someone call you?" -"uh no" but that wasn't a big deal (going the extra few weeks since it wasn't an active infection but rather "colinization"). A positive NT scan or triple screen would probably warrant a phone call at least. I would hope. The NT scan results were fine and she waited to tell me those results at my last appt.

So really this is just a routine "baby looks good" exam and the "you are having a..." exam. The u/s everyone but me seems to look forward to. Naturally I am curious about why I still look the same way I did at 12weeks now at 18weeks (is the baby growing right or what). The only slightly reassuring thing is that from time to time I can feel the baby moving around in there.

Well, keep us in your thoughts today ladies. Pray it's all "perfect" just like Ray says.


Ann M. said...

AHH! How did it go?!?!?

Trish J said...

Operation "Phone call to Chrissy" attempt #1 failed miserably tonight. I'll make attempt #2 tomorrow. It's breakfast for dinner tomorrow, so it should be relatively easy to get it made, eaten and cleaned up in a reasonable time frame. I can't wait to chew your ear off about the Bradley Method. Seriously, I'm a nut about it.

Maria D. said...

I hope it goes well!

Alicia said...

well? how did it go? what's the verdict? post already woman! ;-)