Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Countdown Begins

Next Tuesday Ray and I will find out if little Clumpy is a baby boy or a baby girl. I am still thinking the baby is girl. Ray told me yesterday he thinks baby is a boy. But I believe he said that just to be contrary to me.

We have discussed names briefly but we are really waiting to find out what we are having before we go full force into it. Just look at names for either a boy or a girl is easier than looking at both. We both have names we like and I think we'll be okay no matter what we choose. I am not an absolute stickler for the name as long as its something we both like, even if I don't LOVE it.

Other than that not much else going on around here. The wallpaper border came in last week and Mom and Nat will help me put it up this coming weekend. Mom and I went to Boscovs on Saturday (since they are going out of business) and bought new curtains for the guest room but while we were there I managed to pick up to sage green valances for the nursery too. Now I just have to readjust the height of the curtain rod so it all looks nice. We spent 15 dollars on curtains for three rooms. Can't get a better deal than that, if you ask me.

That's life right now. Work is insane and we're still waiting to hear on the job Ray applied for and interviewed for a few weeks ago. The wheels of employment turn slowly at his job so nothing to be concerned with.

Oh and before I forgot

Congratulations to Ann on your Little One!


Maria D. said...

Sounds fun!

Have fun finding out what the baby is!

Anonymous said...

How exciting - are you going to tell us, or keep it a secret?

$15 for curtains for 3 rooms?! What an awesome deal.

laurenjean said...

lauren is a beautiful name... i just thought i would throw that out there, you know...

Ann M. said...

Glad things are going well and you got such a good deal..and THANKS! You have to come by soon to meet her!

Trish J said...

What time is your appointment? I'll be checking all day. Can't wait to hear what Clumpy is!