Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And I just keep rolling along

Ahh yes, now comes the weekly visits to the doctor.

So far, so good. Of course the doc I saw this week is a twinge bit concerned with my 120/82 blood pressure. Odd, since I hear that's pretty normal. But it is "high" for me (typically i run around 110/70) so I guess I can appreciate the concern. She told me to run to CVS next Tuesday and check the pressure myself and if the diastolic is in the high 80's to call. It won't be. :)

Last night was our last childbirth class. I am sad, I really enjoyed that class. We ran through a "practice" labor- I did well I think :) LOL. We'll see how I do when it's really here. But I am excited, not nervous or worried like I thought I would be. I know if I keep myself calm I have a good chance of being able to handle the pain. And with Ray close by I know he'll be great support. I just CANNOT wait to meet this little kicking bundle of joy! (and btw OUCH).

Things are going great. Christmas is tomorrow and I am happy. I get two days off (tomorrow and Friday) and my mom will be here next Friday (after New Years). Ray and I are going out for Thai food (like we always do on New Year's eve- since Thai food and New Year's eve was our first date). I am really looking forward to spending our last "just us" new years together reminicing about how we met and all that happened this year. It's always such a special time of year for us.

Then after that only 4 more weeks until Baby Parrish is with us. I can't believe how fast this all went. It seems like only yesterday we closed on the house and I got my BFP. It's been such a fantastic year- what more could I possibly want?

So, overall doing well. Baby P is measuring right on track- no news on how much he/she weighs just yet-I'll ask my Dr at the next appointment if she can pinpoint an approximate weight for me. I don't think the baby is going to be huge (considering I don't have Gestational Diabetes and my measurements are spot on). Now me on the other hand---I am looking forward to seeing how much I weigh AFTER the baby is here. We'll see how much work I have to do to get back to where I was before I got pregnant. Hopefully it won't be too bad- I've only gained about 30 or so lbs since the start-which isn't bad.

That's it for me (and Baby P). Happy Holidays everyone!


Ann M. said...

Hey, we come back on Saturday sometime. If you want to have Ray stop by after work one day next week (or we can hang out, whichever), I have a BP machine that you can borrow til baby P comes along. That might be better than running to the store!

Trish J said...

Glad to hear all is well. Don't worry about your weight - it'll all come off. You're a determined girl, and with the no sleeping or eating part of having a newborn, you should be OK. Planning on breastfeading? That'll fast-track the weight loss, if you do!

If I don't get a chance to tel you again, Happy New Year - and enjoy your Thai. Yum!

Trish J said...

How are you feeling? Has the nesting kicked in yet?