Monday, February 2, 2009

So---A Day in the Life of Clara Rose

Eat, sleep, poop---repeat

But she's wonderful. We had a few tough nights there but now we're all set. She feeds really well, usually, but there was some concern that I might not get milk in due to the fact that I have PCOS. So ladies, if you've been diagnosed and you plan to breastfeed- let the postpartum nurse (or lactation consultant) know. They may have you supplement with formula for a little bit (via finger feeding). My milk did come in so everything seems to be okay.

Clara had lost about 11% of her birth weight, even with feedings every two hours- also her bilirubin level was moderate to high when we left the hospital on Friday. They made us repeat the bilirubin level on Saturday and the pediatrician called to tell us that he thought the level was okay but that we'd repeat it after we saw him today. So tomorrow we are going back to the hospital to have the level repeated. The pediatrician seems to think she'll be in normal range. The rest of her check-up went uneventfully. She gained back 8oz so now she weighs 6lbs 8oz Ray keeps saying how tiny she is. But considering how short I am, how big did he think she was going to be? I had no place to put her. LOL

I am not usually one to repeat birth stories but since it was requested I will. Those who don't want to read can stop if they want...

So, Ray and I were asked to be at the hospital at 6pm for an 8pm induction. Why? Who knows, they didn't even know. So we ate dinner quite early (around 4:30). We got the hospital and signed in but the charge nurse who was on duty was going off duty at 7pm and she told us we'd have to wait for the next charge nurse to come on duty before I could be admitted. So Ray and I went down to the hospital cafeteria for a drink and to work on a crossword puzzle.

At 7:30 we went back to L&D and the charge nurse admitted me. We were put in a labor room and I changed into a gown. They stuck me so that I could have an IV (apparently for fluids, pitocin and antibiotics for the GBS). My doc came in around 9:30 to let me know that they were going to start me on cervidil (a cervical ripen agent) since I was still only at 1cm, 40% and -2 station. I was told to try and get some sleep after they put the cervidil in. Well I tried to sleep but by 4am I was absolutely STARVING. Crying in hunger pain. The nurse came in only to tell me I couldn't eat- I couldn't even have a glass of water. But thank god for Ray because he just kept going out there to tell them how miserable I was. Eventually the resident on call came in and said I could have some ice with cranberry juice in it (SUGAR=GOOD). When my doc (the attending) heard about my anguish she agreed to clear liquids (meaning I could have some broth, jello, tea etc). So I ordered my food and Ray and I ate around 9am. Which is also about the time my doctor took out the rest of the cervidil and determined I was 2.5cm and about 60% effaced but still at -2 station.

The baby had to be continuously monitored due to the PIH- so I was strapped in bed nearly the entire length of time (1.5 days). Which, let me tell you sucked. After they removed the cervidil and before they started the pitocin my new nurse let me shower and walk around the room for about 10 minutes before forcing me back into bed and starting pitocin and antibiotics. So things were relatively uninteresting for quite a while. Mainly because I made almost no progress. At 4:30pm my doc requested that they break my water and lower my pitocin, figuring that I would have regular contractions on my own. That didn't happen. Around 7pm my doctor came in and told me that she was off on-call and that one of the other docs from their practice would be in (one I saw, thankfully). A new nurse came on and it was decided that they would continue to up my pitocin after dialing it back and seeing very little progress.

The nurse continued to up my pitocin until my contractions were regular. At this point I was in a ton of pain. So Ray suggested that I decide whether I want an epidural. I still wasn't sure since I was only 4cm at that point. I opted instead for stadol. Which really really helped me relax through my contractions better, so much better that within 3 hours I had gone from 4cm to 7cm. Then I started to have serious pain. I asked for them to give me more stadol since I knew it only lasted 3 hours. But the nurse told me I'd have to wait an extra half and hour for them to give it to me. So we waited but they never called in the order for the medication. So at that point I figured since I had to wait another half hour I would take the epidural.

By the time they ran all the fluids into me to do the epidural and I was checked again prior to getting it. I was at 9cm but I knew I couldn't deal with the pain. Not to mention the pressure since Clara has clearly come down into the birth canal. It was the best decision I ever made- because then all I had to do was work my way though the pressure. That took about an hour and then Ray called the nurse because I was feeling the urge to push without contractions.

The resident came in and let me push for a few contractions. They broke down the bed and I pushed for about 20 minutes and then, she was here. In all her cuteness.

I saw my doc the following day and she said at one point they had concerns that I would need a c-section since I made so little progress at first. But, the nurse was so good about the pitocin and I let myself relax after the stadol that it became unnecessary. My doctor told me that she was proud of me.

I only ended up with two minor tears- that don't even hurt. Overall it was an okay experience. I do wish they had let me walk around more, I think if they had she would have moved down and put pressure on my cervix making upping the pitocin level less likely. But as it was no compliants and Clara is wonderful. Though I am not too sure i want to repeat this experience any time too soon...


Melissa said...

I'm glad to hear that things are going well with your little one!

Ann M. said...

We had a very similar experience; not exactly the route you wanted to go but worth it in the end.

I'm glad that you're able to feed her how you want to, and that everything is getting better. It's hard when all they do is eat, sleep, and poop, but you know that'll change. Eventually. Or so I hear ;)

Can't wait to see you, Ray, and Clara!!